The combination of multicolored threads and twine creates complicated patterns on women’s dresses, bags, shoes and other items.

Crochet lace is the most beautiful way to use thread. This type of cleanser is composed of “medallions” painted in bright colors. These medallions are better known in the world as “grandma’s” or “Afghan squares”. They originated in the United States at the time of the first settlers. At that time, new wool was scarce, so remnants of bright colors were used. This crochet material was once used to make woolen blankets. Today it is widely used in the fashion industry. These materials are used to make crochet dresses or overalls with crocheted colorful squares. Crochet details are also used to decorate chests of drawers, shelves or armchair backs. As for clothes in the fashion world, designers use these details to decorate the fronts of blouses, the backs of coats, the hem of skirts and dresses or trouser legs. Items made by hand with the art of traditional crafts are always popular, appreciated and modern.

Crochet lace is made with only one needle with a hook on top. It is made of woolen or thicker cotton thread. In the fashion industry, this gives an item (garment or decoration) a more nonchalant and coarser look than lace made with an ordinary needle. The rustic flair of folk handicrafts made of thread is typical of many cultures in different parts of the world (China, Turkey, Africa, Europe, South America and the United States).

The “macrame” technique is popular. It is a technique of knotting thicker threads and ropes. This gives the object a hollow pattern of pronounced relief. The ways of making it in combination with a combination of different patterns and colors result in specific and beautiful items with a tribal overtone. The bright yellow, red, green and turquoise colors are reminiscent of the textile patterns of African tribes. Creations with a rope woven for example with silver or gold glitter threads always look elegant. The rope can be used instead of a belt or to make ornaments and jewelry. The most popular are espadrilles (shoes made of twine), which today are mostly made of jute. That is why they are an interesting fashion and environmentally conscious item.

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