4 steps to a more perfect body shape

A lot can be done in just one month: creams smooth the orange skin, 10-minute exercises at home improve the tone and self-tanning preparations achieve a great effect.

  1. Cellulite-imperative of good looks and feelings is smooth and taut skin of the face and body. In this exercise one should be disciplined in skin care and determining sets of exercises. The latest cellulite reduction and body reshaping products on the market provide results after just a few weeks. For this purpose, night elixirs have been created which, with their active ingredients (caffeine, carnitine, biotechnological molecules), act on the protein responsible for the accumulation of fat in adipocyte cells and stop lipogenesis (the process of fatty acid synthesis). The elixirs have an oily texture to make the product easier to massage into the skin. The whole massage has a positive effect on the lymph and circulation as well as the so-called dry brushing of the skin. Dry brushing of the skin helps the lymph and circulation and at the same time removes dead cells in the skin. The anti-cellulite product helps strengthen connective tissue by stimulating the production of collagen (thanks to the extract of organic grapefurite and mint and nourishing oils of sunflower, hazelnut and almond).
  2. Self-tanning – healthy and tanned skin color can be achieved without frying in the sun or in a solarium. New generations of self-tanning products do not leave stains. They dry quickly until the applied paint leaves the so-called carrot effect. They are special because of the way they are applied. For example during a shower for just one minute or with the help of a microfiber glove that ensures even application of the product. Peeling should be done before that. The feet, elbows and knees should be scraped especially well and the skin should be lubricated with moisturizer. The good thing is that tanning can be achieved gradually because many preparations have 3 shades – light, medium and dark. With each application, the bronze color is more intense. Some preparations contain self-tanning ingredients with melanin to make the sun effect more natural.
  3. Depilation on the skin – shaving hair is the fastest and completely painless option, but unfortunately the hair will grow back after 3 days. Braver people use the plucking method using wax or sugar paste because the effect lasts up to a month. The most tempting option is permanent removal. The new allies of smooth skin are appliances for home use. They work on the principle of IPL technology, that is, with the help of light pulses, they prevent the growth of new hair directly at the root. For the first results, 3 treatments lasting 15 minutes are enough.
  4. Exercise-variants of the pilates bridge. The starting position is lying down: on feet with bent legs and feet on the ground. The palms are on the hips. Lifting the hips we extend one leg towards the ceiling. While on the foot of the other foot we rise to the toes. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times with the left leg and 10-15 times with the right leg. Kick exercise: the starting position is a fighting stance with a raised bent leg. Turn 45-180 degrees. By extending the lower leg, strike with the foot. Hold the position. Perform short kicks with your foot. Repeat 20-30 times with the left foot and 20-30 times with the right foot. Steps from kneeling: the starting position is the resistance on the knees with the palms on the hips. Stepping out and lifting to an upright position and gradually returning to the starting position. Perform the exercise 10-15 times with the left leg and 10-15 times with the right leg. Leg exercises with a ballet bar: one leg is stretched with a full foot on the floor. Hold the crossbar with your hands. The other leg is stretched out and touches the bar. In this position, the person rises to his toes. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times with the live leg and 10-15 times with the right leg.

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