Maximalism is a new trend of refined and luxurious interiors (forest, animals and tropical vegetation)

In the twenties of the last century, a decorative style of interior decoration (art decor) emerged. This style was recognizable for its audacity in combining patterns, sumptuous fabrics, carpets, colorful ceramic tiles, attractive wallpaper and wacky details. All of these are style features for fans of decorativeness. This was followed by the economic crisis and the Second World War, that is, the era of asceticism or simple style. Today we meet again with a refined and lavish style that would be described in one word as “maximalism”. The common art deco style and maximalism of the decoration is an eclectic mix of different influences with a great emphasis on decorativeness, luxurious materials and superior workmanship. Art deco artists drew inspiration from previous styles of home and room decoration (cubism, fauvism, furniture from the time of Louis XVI, art from China, Japan, Persia, ancient Egypt, the Maya, the Incas and the Aztecs). Today, the greatest inspiration is art decor combined with the cultures of the Middle and Far East, Africa and Brazil, postmodernism and avant-garde design groups from the 1980s. The creators of the new style or “maximalism” are the Italian progressive company Moros, design galleries (Nilufar, Rossana Orlandi, Dilmos, Dilmore, Creo and many others) and the world’s best designers who with their works and combination skills become a source of inspiration for many people who love design. Architecture is important for maximalism because this form of creation fits perfectly into old civic homes with high ceilings with preserved original stucco (“terrazzo floors”, carved woodwork or old stoves). It works great in industrial and modern architecture. Boldness in combining strong patterns, rich textile fabrics, luxurious thick carpets, inlays, colorful ceramic tiles, joining the seemingly incompatible and boldness are the most important characteristics of the modern style of the 21st century. Futuristic chair for example with an antique wooden rococo chest of drawers. Yet after a long reign of asceticism this new style of interior design caused shock in many persons. He was accepted surprisingly quickly. It is spreading in all areas of design. This new style, however, will be mostly enjoyed by fans of decoration.

(Perfecta Dreams, Barcelona Fobia, Et Cetera, Pool Modus, Proning, A& A Interior, Studiharamina, Harvey Norman, Planet Moderna, Moroso, Ingo Mauer, etc.)

The main elements of the new style of interior design (maximalism):

  1. Luxurious fabrics with accentuated texture and bold patterns.
  2. Luxurious and oversized chandeliers made of metal, crystal and hand-blown glass, unusual lamps.
  3. Solid wood furniture with hand finishing in combination with modern extravagant details
  4. Wallpapers of large patterns or pictorial representations of forests, tropical vegetation animals and others.
  5. A bunch of decorative trifles (vases, candlesticks, pillows, decorative figures) from antique or small manufactures.

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