Small gray rodents are in high demand and very popular

Most people are horrified by the thought of mice and small gray rodents that many people consider pests. However, today “artistic” and artificial mice are very popular and decorate many homes in all forms. Moreover, they are in high demand because they are considered to be the lucky mouse. There is a well-known saying “the white mouse shares happiness”. Of course, handmade decorations in the shape of these rodents can be in gray, white and all other colors. They can smile from numerous pictures, be on coasters, in the shape of flower vases or flower bouquet holders. People make book holders in the shape of knitted and other types of mouse-figures. Plexiglas mice in various colors, created as pendants for necklaces or keys, are also popular. Mice are often the main motif of paintings, decorations, ornaments and various figures.

Mice are a genus of rodents from a subfamily of true mice. The most famous species of this genus is the domestic mouse. In addition to them, this genus includes another 38 species, some of which (domestic mice) are hemerophiles, while other mice – animals that live in secluded forests and away from humans.

Mice are nocturnal animals like most rodents. They are more active at dusk. We can meet mice during the day, especially if there are more of them in an area. Mice live everywhere. There are no mice only in Antarctica, in the sea and on some smaller islands. Mice eat about 10% of their total weight during the day. For example, a mouse weighing 20 to 25 grams eats 2-2.5 grams of food during the day

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