Literary references Dolly Alderton, Sally Rooney and Andrea Beaty, David Roberts

Everything I Know About Love (by Dolly Alderton) – Writer Alderton is a gifted British writer and journalist. In this book, she addresses the ticklish topics hidden deep beneath the surface that we most often want to keep away from the public. The theme here is love and a handful of emotions whose existence confuses people and leads to hilarious situations. Dolly writes youthfully, wittily and optimistically. It introduces us to its world of love encounters, hopes, falls and growing up. “If you are slender enough, you will be happy with yourself and worthy of someone’s love. Don’t go out with those who don’t let you get drunk and flirt with other men. If it’s part of your personality, they should accept you as you are. ”- Dolly tells the readers.

Normal People (by Sally Rooney) – a novel by Irish author and screenwriter. Rooney writes about the survival of love despite numerous obstacles, misunderstanding of the environment, and opposition from family. This theme runs throughout the novel according to which the series of the same name was filmed. The central part of the story is made up of athlete Connell and self-effacing Marianne. Connel is a favorite while Marianne is a rather antisocial person whose favorite activity is reading novels. The differences between them are palpable. Marianne is literally terrified of being alone with Connello while he fantasizes about it. Connell wonders what to say to Marianne and how to behave to make a good impression and melt the ice around her heart. When they finally start talking Connell realizes that Marianne is the only person she can tell everything to. Their relationship then deepens. The novel answers the question of whether the connection between them will withstand growing up, moving, betrayal, normal love relationships, invisible scars of the soul, sadism, differences in origin and family pressure.
Sofia Valdez, Future Prez (by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts) This picture book is a great choice for all little ones. Be a desire for progress, an adventurous spirit. It is also a feeling that with good will, patience and effort it is moving towards change. The enterprising girl Sofia is the main heroine of the story. Sofia and her beloved grandfather visit older neighbors, collect leaves, take out pets and do whatever it takes. One day, Grandpa gets injured at a local landfill. Sofia then gets the idea. Gather your courage and visit City Hall. He gets the answer that he can’t build a park because he’s just a kid. Sofia is smart and knows that every change starts with one person even when that person is a child from the second grade of elementary school.

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