The greenery and plants in the home strengthen the soul of all the occupants of the home

Some plants purify the air. Some plants are medicinal. One long-term British study showed that plants planted in a home strengthen the soul and make the residents of the home happier. Fans of green lily, Sanseveria or mach ferns at home or at work will breathe better air. The view of the greenery has a relaxing effect, instills hope, creates harmony and symbolizes renewal. It is an invaluable feeling that we have a constant obligation to nurture plants and watch the plants in the home grow and thrive. If you like flowers, plants, forest and nature, you can place appropriately stylized accessories in the form of leaves, flowers, trees and the like in your home. The atmosphere will be more complete

  1. Succulents have a great variety. They also show a high degree of flexibility. In jars they represent a beautiful sight. Sunlit and laid on a layer of stones, succulents turn into a natural decoration for the home. You can hang jars of succulents on the terrace or in a room. You will reach the goal – which is to decorate the space with greenery.
  2. Elegant golden creeper (lat. Scindapsus epipremnum) is a favorite decoration of homes and business premises (office). This plant is an excellent air purifier. It absorbs tobacco smoke as well as formaldehyde which irritates the upper respiratory tract. Formaldehyde is present in every home and almost all enclosed spaces (in insulation material, household detergents, panel boards, etc.).
  3. Livistonia (or soloist) is a plant that likes places with plenty of light (by the window for example). It likes to be watered with stagnant water. The stones contribute to a beautiful appearance and prevent the soil from being washed away during watering.
  4. Zamia or money plant is a very popular houseplant. This is an easy plant to grow. Seeks only basic care. In accordance with the “Feng Shui” philosophy, this plant activates the area of ​​happiness and money. It absorbs negative energy.
  5. Kentia Palm-originates from Australia but can be found almost everywhere in the world. Caring for this flame is not demanding. It is an ideal choice for all beginners. The plant can be placed even in darker locations in the home / office space.
  6. Gardenia-has beautiful white flowers that look like wax flowers. Enchanting white gardenie flowers can be double or single. The scent of this plant is reminiscent of the scent of jasmine. Dark green leaves are a clear indication that the plant is healthy. This plant is recommended for people who have experience in growing houseplants and patient people. The plant grows slowly (it grows about 15 cm per year).
    Tip plus: get to know the plants you grow at home / business premises. It is crucial to find a suitable place for the proper growth and care of the plant. Most plants require enough light because light is a prerequisite for the plant to perform photosynthesis. Note that some plants do not like direct light. It is always good to find out in advance before you start growing plants and pursuing this hobby.

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