Turn stress, anxiety and distraction into positivism in an instant

When a person is under stress, then insomnia and “heavy” sleep are present. There are days when stress and tension levels can go up to the ceiling. Then you need to act wisely. If you lie awake all night, anxiously wondering how something could have happened and why or what will happen tomorrow or what will happen in a month, it can take away your health. Lack of sleep can cause even more problems. Negative thinking brings negative energy. By constantly spinning in a circle, we amplify the negative energy even more.
If you are tired, upset or distracted – do not be afraid, drive away fear and calm down. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your mind and body in top shape during periods of worse days / events in life:
It is useful to do the following:

  1. Be sure to turn on the alarm before bed so you don’t wake up late and be late for where you need to go. Then you have to hurry. Haste only brings trouble.
  2. Listen to soft music. Listen to the music you love the most. Listen to music that brings optimism and a smile back to your face.
  3. Be sure to plan to break away from digital technology. Take a break from the technical devices in your environment. For example, dispose of your mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Forget about all apps and social networks.
  4. Practice breathing exercises that you can use whenever you find the time. For example: inhale air for 4 seconds – exhale air for 8 seconds. Do the exercise often and slowly.
    Try to avoid all useless and unnecessary activities:
  5. Watch less news or violent TV shows before bed and programs that disturb you.
  6. Do not use your phone or other electronic devices in bed before bed.
  7. Don’t plan various extravagances with eating in the kitchen. During a bad day, the rule is – the simpler the better for you.
  8. Do not drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages which can make it difficult to sleep.


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