7 tips with which nature enters every home with the help of plant greenery

http://www.pixabay.com (photo: Artocarpus)

It is always the best time to breathe in the freshness and breath of nature in the home. You can always create a green ambiance that positively affects the spirit of each person.

  1. Flower pots do not always have to be on the floor or on a dresser. You can use hanging pots hung from the ceiling. This will decorate a corner in the selected room. For example, Sanseveria is an undemanding plant suitable for hanging / hanging from the ceiling. The monster plant is also suitable for the ceiling because it grows high in height. He likes pruning before transplanting into a second and smaller pot.
  2. Photo-wallpapers with greenery and in green shades are ideal for the bathroom and any other room in the home. So in your imagination you can always move to the tropics. Photo wallpapers supplemented with live greenery and live plants create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. You can use two-piece fleece wallpaper.
  3. Potted pot is a magic formula for people for whom regular watering of plants is a problem. Simply establish a practical irrigation system. Place a plastic pot with holes in the bottom in a decorative ceramic pot / pot.
  4. Kentia palm is also an ideal plant for any home. This plant has a filigree beauty and irresistibly resembles a fan. He likes moisture. It can reach a height of up to 4 meters.
  5. A water bucket is an indispensable helper in any home with many plants. Choose a medium-height bucket with a narrow and long funnel. Always keep it full of water because standing water is always the best water for plants. Keep watering cans somewhere on hand so you don’t forget to water the plants.
  6. You can practically use an old ceramic pot. Put some soil and succulents in a bowl. You will get a wonderful decoration for the hallway or living room.
  7. Breadfruit (lat. Artocarpus) is also an ideal choice for the home. The green accompaniment to the sisal stool is pleasant. The young plants of the breadfruit tree already have huge leaves.
http://www.unsplash.com (photo: Succulent)

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