Aesthetics and comfort for decorating a home in the Scandinavian style

Decorating rooms in the Scandinavian style means minimalism, clarity of defining the space, harmony and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Living room- this part of the home is intended for socializing and watching TV. Set the sofa upholstered for example for gray textiles. Next to the sofa, place a few chests of drawers made of gray and white MDF with a metal base. Two different club tables can be used to store the necessary small items. On the wall opposite the sofa, place a shelf in which you place the TV. Decorative details should be kept to a minimum (black flower vases, flower pots and a few figures in the wall element).
  2. Partition wall – a low partition wall can cover a work area equipped with two work / writing desks. The partition wall should be made of wooden panels in blue. It is desirable that the wall is not visible from the living area but only from the part intended for work. In accordance with the Scandinavian spirit of living, let this part of the home always be tidy without many small details that would suffocate it. Two chairs of different colors and a lamp would be enough to work from home. The elements that would make up this part of the home should be early and dynamic but at the same time stylistically coordinated. By combining these elements, you will create a living space with clearly defined functional units.
  3. Bedroom-should resemble the style of the living room. Simple, minimalist and relaxing. The bed should be placed next to the wall to use any space in the wall. Next to the bed should be a chest of drawers similar to the chest of drawers in the living room. The pot stand in golden color should be a discreet and decorative element.
  4. Kitchen and Dining room – on the dining table with 4 chairs in various colors can be connected to the working island. Within the working island (kitchen), there should be a sink and elements for storing dishes. Above the working island, for example, you can make a small hanging garden with herbs. The kitchen and dining table should be white. You can use pendants, rail and recessed lighting to illuminate this part of the home.
  5. Equip the bathroom with a shower and a small closet with a sink. Cover the entire wall with a combination of metro white boards. On the wall are a mirror, a toilet cup and a sink. To cover the floor and wall in the shower cabin, use some ceramic tiles with a pattern. This will create a dynamic and playful ambiance in the bathroom. Sufficient lighting in the bathroom will be achieved by adding wall lamps near the mirror.

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