By choosing the right red color — every home will have a touch of sensuality

  1. Be sure to add red details if you have furniture in one of the neutral colors (white, gray, black or beige). These can be pillows, important for flowers, various figures, a lamp or a nonchalantly folded cover over the sofa. Although red is not for every person, choosing the right measure is key to creating an attractive interior look.
  2. Red furniture in the living room gives a whole new dimension. The shade of the chosen red color depends on the chosen material (leather, fabric, microfiber) creates the final impression. More open red shades are more suitable for minimalist spaces. Congested red shades are more suitable for darker and classic decorated rooms. If the set has visible elements of wood in its design, opt for a darker shade of red. This type of paint will emphasize the structure of the wood in a refined way. The set can be in two colors. Choose a red two-seater or three-seater. Let the other elements be in a different color.
  3. Red exudes passion and sensuality. Romantic red gives each room a special stamp. This bold color gives warmth and evokes a sense of sight. The variety of this color in shades and combining it with other colors makes it a perfect match for any room (furniture, walls, floor coverings or decorative items). Many trends give red an enviable place in the space in the form of a base color or an accompanying color. Analyze the space in which you want to use this color. Decide in what quantity this color will be represented. Applying red requires a certain amount of caution. Due to the excessive amount of this color, the space can be overemphasized or pre-dynamic, which easily grows into a disturbing ambience. Yet this color gives great freedom in emphasizing individual spatial parts, lighting and furniture elements.
  4. People who want to apply red only on details — should do so on a lamp, chair, or rug. Thus, this fiery color will shine only on individual and less dominant elements. However, this color will be noticed in space with its impression and intensity. Try to enrich the look of the room with a few red vases or sculptures or with paintings dominated by this warm color.
  5. Combining red with a natural, brighter, wooden floor – the room will look calmer and brighter. If you want red on the wall, choose one wall and paint it with the desired shade. Choose the furniture you place next to that red wall so that the red color and the furniture stand out with each other. Let the furniture in your mind be an element of projection and then evaluate what colors you would like to see in a given combination.
  6. You can imagine a red kitchen in many different ways. For example, choose red fonts in a darker shade or only the upper elements or only the lower element in the kitchen in a red shade. Red is ideally combined with white, gray or black. Be sure to combine red with a maximum of two additional colors. Make red the base color or run red through the details. The kitchen spiced with red color will get additional charm, beauty and elegance.
  7. People of a calmer character are usually less likely to choose red in the interior. They consider this color too dynamic a color. Practice has shown, however, that these people immediately feel the strength and energy of red and later rarely reach for calmer and cooler colors. You can always choose yellow and orange for a temporary change and refresh the room to keep the warmth of home.

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