Digital applications, colors, structures and 3D effects for home decoration

  1. Applications for better home decoration – to make sure that a color fits perfectly into the interior of your home or you need to decide which color to choose between different color shades, find the right tonality and color shade, look for digital support. Manufacturers today offer digital support. For example, the “Visualizer” application (manufactured by Dulux) provides tips for choosing colors. Augmented-Reality technology helps you to imagine the impact of a whole range of different colors in your rooms before applying paints / coatings.
  2. Mild tones for pure harmony at home – The cooperation of the magazine “Elle Decoration” with the British paint manufacturer “Crown Paints” gives 60 shades of color in 6 palettes. Among other colors are the divinely serene green shades “Botanical”. These green shades of colors are suitable for rooms where homeowners want to relax.
  3. A layer of cork for a better look of the wall – it looks like wallpaper but hides unimagined possibilities. You can always recreate the look of the wall behind the bed because it is covered with a layer of cork. You can buy a finished product or make various shapes from paper yourself (butterflies, birds, etc.). To prick, simply counteract the pin through the middle of the body from the back.
  4. Inspiration in children’s wishes – an idea that can be made in any form in the living room or bedroom. Painted wooden panels give a completely new frame to monotonous corners. If you want to change the look of the corner, you will quickly create a new decoration so that not a trace of the old decoration remains on the wall. You can make a combination of a gentle pastel yellow background color and a bright coral color in the foreground.
  5. Imagination created with toner – thanks to color toners, you can always create a shade of a certain color that you want to put on the wall. So there are no obstacles. You don’t always have to paint the whole wall with one color. Draw contours as desired and create a unique ambience in the home.
  6. Try unusual color combinations — a bare brick wall is a stand-alone statement. Painted in pink, such a wall achieves an even more unexpected effect. In interaction with the matte green color of old glass beer bottles, a modern and feminine decoration is created that surpasses kitsch. The mild and calm charisma of both color tones has a calming effect. Helps relieve stress.
  7. Set some striking decor-patterns are always effective in the home. The effect of surprise is stronger when the design is more unusual. Rooms with a reduced and peaceful decoration benefit especially from this powerful effect. Thus they give space with abstract forms to manifest in the foreground. In a kitchen or a room without wall elements, the space is created to play with colors and shapes.

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