5 ideas for an unusual vacation


Vacation is always a welcome period and pleasing to every person. However, sometimes people want to experience something new and unusual with decent accommodation / rental prices. Unusual ideas that have become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years are tree houses, luxurious tents, restored shepherd’s dwellings or a stay in a lighthouse in the middle of the open sea.

  1. Tree houses — usually located among oaks, pines, or somewhere in the woods. The canopy of this tree provides pleasant shade and protection from the strong sun. Wooden houses are made of spruce beams and panels or other types of trees. The houses on the tree are approached through the treetops. The houses are connected by small wooden bridges which are also balconies for guests. Houses usually consist of a few small rooms, floor cabinets or simple wooden shelves for personal luggage, beds, electricity, internet. The houses are equipped with discreet lighting so they look attractive especially at dusk. The offer usually includes bicycles, garden grill for outdoor use, hydromassage pools and the like.


2.Glamping-or camping accommodation consisting of luxury tents. The interior is decorated according to the model of accommodation in luxury hotel rooms. There are several types of tents (for one or two people or for 3 or 4 people and more people). The rooms are usually air-conditioned and fully furnished. This type of accommodation offers bathrooms and terraces. Accommodation in campsites can be in caravans, tent camps or bungalows.


3.Indian village-located in the camp. Accommodation is in tents. The tents will be equipped with wooden beds, table and chairs, bedside lamps and unique boxes for clothes. Very simple type of accommodation / vacation. The tents have a wooden floor. They are usually close to the village / or town where there are shops, restaurants, bars and swimming pools.


4.Renovated pastoral dwellings are arranged for the local population and for visitors to a specific location who want to spend a night in nature. Parts of authentic shepherd’s furniture are usually used for decoration. Interested visitors can learn more about the pastoral lifestyle and, for example, how important cattle grazing is for the endangered habitats of these locations. Usually, several shepherd’s apartments for accommodation, a visitor info center, a woodshed and bathrooms with handy showers are remodeled. Each apartment is equipped with beds, a kitchenette, a table with benches and electricity most often obtained from solar panels. There is a space that serves as an open firebox for food preparation. In the vicinity of these accommodation facilities are educational trails along which shepherds led cattle to graze.


5.Accommodation in lighthouses on the high seas-lighthouses are located on small islands about ten nautical miles from the coast. The accommodation at the lighthouse is unique because it offers a view of the endless open sea and an impressive surrounding landscape for lovers of the sea / sea and the ocean. The lighthouse is a polygonal tower conspicuous due to its red and white stripes or other features. Lighthouses are most often connected by a bridge with stone houses, which usually offer apartment / complete accommodation for all visitors (bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathroom). Host / lighthouse service is often involved. It should be borne in mind that prices for all types of accommodation vary throughout the year (pre-season, full season, post-season, accommodation during the holidays).



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