Staying in nature is key to raising the immunity of each individual

Image: Bjelašnica mountain near Sarajevo

More movement in nature and more frequent stay in the fresh air are key to raising the immunity of each individual and for all age groups. Lack of sun reduces the body’s energy production. This makes people colder and they lose their good mood. Any physical external activity contributes to strengthening and protecting immunity.

  1. Do not sit under the computer and in front of the TV insufficiently dressed. Sitting slows down the circulation of the pelvic girdle all the way to the feet. After a long blockage of circulation, it is difficult to reheat even with a warm shower.
  2. You can strengthen the body if you “strengthen” the head. Exercise is for many people getting out of their comfort zone. It is important to get to the stage where we do not think about when and where we will exercise, but arrange our plans and priorities correctly.
  3. For exercise, specifically avoid enclosed spaces. Movement in nature outdoors and in the fresh air is crucial.
  4. It is important to spend some time and when living conditions allow in the open. It is not necessary to engage in extreme sports / activities but any kind of exercise (walking, moving, walking, etc.).
  5. In the last year, Nordic walking with sticks is recommended. Exercise in the morning when motivation is at its peak. Already in the afternoon, motivation decreases for all activities, especially exercise.
  6. Strong immunity and psyche are in a strong relationship. Chronic stress certainly affects the decline of immunity. The human mood is positively influenced by the focus on goals and optimism – which is already a well-known fact.
  7. A daily dose of pleasure and enjoyment of life will not result in a drop in immunity. A drop in immunity can be the result of a bad mood, constant worry and dissatisfaction with life.
  8. The body often fails to obey individuals who are always working. They never stop, they are constantly burdened and do not have time to rest. The most important thing is to always find time for yourself. A little time is better than no time at all.
Fir and spruce on Mount Igman
Forest beauties of fir, pine and spruce on Mount Igman, known for the highest ozone in Europe


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