6 Useful tips for household and using air fresheners in the home

Air pollution sometimes happens in the house. It is risky compared to external air pollution. The cause is a multi-hour stay in the home and all rooms of the home. Avoiding a few household items can help in a healthy life. We often store leftovers (or almost empty) cans of paint for our next / future use in our own garages, basements or pantries. Such cans release “VOC” gases. These gases are volatile organic compounds and a mixture of hydrocarbons, methane, propane, butane and several other gases. In an area where these gases would cause air quality problems they can directly affect our breathing. More natural colors should be used with as few of these gases as possible.

  1. There are many cleaning materials that release a large source of gases into the air. Avoid using fragrant products inside the house. Adopt the habit of cleaning your home most often with natural ingredients (salt, water, vinegar or baking soda).
  2. Aerosol products in your home damage indoor air They also contribute to external pollution. Do not spray the aerosol whenever possible. This will reduce pollution, experts advise.
  3. Air fresheners can emit more than a hundred different chemicals that are harmful to health. Instead of using air fresheners and a pleasant scent, try opening windows more often and keeping them open longer. Run the fan even if the room is empty.
  4. Experts say it is always better to wash clothes by hand than in a dry cleaner. The reason for this is that there are residual harmful gases on the clothes after you take the clothes out of the dry cleaner. Over time, these residual harmful gases are released into the air.
  5. Humidifiers can be dangerous if used in a higher percentage. They can directly affect breathing. Set the humidifiers to a function below 50% humidity. This will protect the skin and reduce the risk of contamination.
  6. It is advisable to open kitchen windows during gas cooking. Exhaust fan installation is advised. These helpful tips always come in handy in the household.

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