The most important thing is a flawless foundation on the face for good make-up
  1. For a good foundation on the face, you can use a primer, concealer, liquid powder, loose powder or compact powder. The type and color of the skin should be taken into account and the appropriate shade of the product should be chosen accordingly.
  2. For mature facial skin, you should choose rich powders with hyaluronic acid. For younger skin or youthful skin, you should choose oil-free powders that do not close the pores. The general rule is to try the powder directly on the face (not on the hands). Leave the powder on your face for a few hours to see the results. The powder should cover the skin evenly. It must not give the feeling of a mask.
  3. Good make-up means a good choice of quality makeup. The everyday life of many occupations is unthinkable without the use of makeup. Choose makeup that gives your skin a natural look.
  4. There is a beauty concept for choosing good make-up, say beauticians and make-up experts. It is cleansing and skin care.
  5. Eyebrow drawing is one of the most desirable cosmetic services in recent years. The drawing of the eyebrows should be done carefully, following the shape and constitution of the face. A small deviation can make a big mistake. You do eyebrow drawing in selected and recommended beauty salons / beauticians. The eyebrow powdering technique has been used frequently in recent years because it works naturally. You should choose the most appropriate shade and take into account the thickness of the eyebrows. The use of natural colors does not cause contraindications to the skin.
  6. Hifu skin lifting treatment without the use of a knife is popular. It is a focused high-intensity ultrasound. This ultrasound has been used in medicine for many years. Only in recent years has it found application in cosmetology and aesthetics. Hifu stimulates large amounts of new collagen by dosed tissue heating. This results in firming, tightening and lifting the skin of the face and the body in general. This treatment on the face and chin is most often intended for people whose skin has already begun to relax and shows the first signs of aging. Hifu treatment on the body melts fat deposits and tightens the skin.
  7. Today there are various anti-age treatments. They are applied depending on the skin type, skin condition and the intensity of skin aging. For this purpose, popular cosmetic treatments are used: derma pen, chemical peeling, hyphae, mesotherapy and hyaluronic fillers.
  8. Before using any treatment in beauty salons, a dermatologist / cosmetologist should be consulted regarding the selection of the appropriate treatment.

Sisley is a French company that produces and distributes high-end skincare, make-up and fragrance products.


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