Useful boxes and packaging for storing watches, jewelry and other small items (5 useful tips)

In every home there are many small items, jewelry, souvenirs that should be properly disposed of and stored. All these small items undoubtedly require good organizational solutions so that the household members are always at hand and conveniently located. Today on the market there are many boxes (collapsible and original), racks, containers in which these items can be conveniently placed. When all the items are placed in one box (one drawer) they get tangled and intertwined with each other over time. It is difficult then to find a suitable item when you need it. Once you organize the placement of collections of jewelry, watches, pendants, souvenirs, small items, you will finally have a good insight.

  1. For storing watches and jewelry that you wear most often and every day, (like your favorite wristwatch, earrings or ring), jewelry plates are an ideal choice. When you put jewelry plates on the nightstand or dressing table, they will not take up much space. They can beautify every corner of the home like different decorative elements. While watches / jewelry will always be at hand and in a visible place in the home.
  2. For storing necklaces or bracelets (which can be easily tangled), the logical choice is a stand that has adorned numerous store shelves in recent months. The jewelry stand, like classic jewelry boxes and plates, will adapt to everyone’s style. Each collection of earrings, brooches, necklaces or bracelets will stand out in the home.
  3. Boxes with compartments are a good choice for storing other small items (such as brooches, pendants and badges). You can find boxes of various shapes made of harder cardboard coated with fabric or colorful paper or tin boxes in which a biscuit once stood.
  4. In shoe stores and some stores, traders throw a lot of unused cardboard boxes of all sizes in the trash. Ask retailers to give you boxes in the sizes you want. With some decorative paper or an old newspaper with a little effort and good will you can decorate and glue the outside of the box. So you get a useful item in the home. These boxes are used to store small items, small items, old bills, various pictures and documents. They can be stacked on top of each other so they take up little space in the closet / room.
  5. In smaller private fruit and vegetable stores, traders often get fruits or vegetables in plastic hollow square boxes. Harder and longer lasting plastic was used here to make the boxes. Once the fruits / vegetables are transferred to store shelves, these boxes usually end up behind the store in the dump / disposal area for all types of waste. You can ask kind dealers to give you these plastic boxes that they would throw away anyway. They are great for storing all items and all uses in the home. They are long-lasting, lightweight and easy to maintain / wipe with a clean and damp cloth. The boxes are usually in black plastic, which you can later repaint or decorate according to your choice / method. Although the same size these boxes are suitable for stacking on top of each other.Large shopping malls also get fruit / vegetables (except in cardboard boxes) in these square black boxes made of harder plastic resistant to pressure, transport and handling. Usually, after removing the groceries, they throw them in the space provided for the disposal of garbage and other waste, which is usually located just behind the shopping center. You can ask kind dealers to give you these boxes that would end up in the landfill anyway.
    Any investment in ordinary or decorative jewelry plates, racks or boxes (metal or cardboard) pays off because they can last / serve you for years without wear and with easy maintenance / wiping with a damp cloth.

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