Making unique resin jewelry and 3 tips for business success

In recent years, there has been a trend of making items / jewelry (pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces) using epoxy resin. Jewelry made of this type of resin is unusual, unique and natural and each piece of jewelry tells a different story. It is a synthetic resin that has two components. These components are mixed in exactly the prescribed proportions. The end result is fiberglass. It is used in shipbuilding, industry – decorating furniture, decorations, bases, utensils and various other items, but also in jewelry making. To make glass-plastic objects, the creator needs imagination and a personal creative way of expression through jewelry making. Over time, this hobby can grow into a profession. You can do an example per year for 4 main collections according to the seasons. Such jewelry can be immediately available and at the same time be a model according to which the customer can order a personalized piece of jewelry. Occasionally you can make a limited collection or jewelry inspired by nature, people, travel and the like.
It is not necessary to have idols in the field of design or your favorite jewelry designers. In general, it is difficult to single out your favorite designers because there are really a lot of quality art creations. Here the most important is the imagination and the human hand. You may remember some people who have inspired you in some way in your life or have been your motivation at some point. When you need the most courage to turn a hobby into a business – follow some designers who have achieved just that. They can be great role models and indicators that your wishes can be achieved. There will sometimes be creative blockages for example before planning and creating a new collection of items but you will surely find a way to overcome those blockages. Persistent people achieve the most in life. Perseverance, thoroughness and endurance.
The resin is an artificial variant of amber that we find in nature. That is why it is great for making jewelry and items that mean a lot to customers and be a memory of important people, events, pets.
Advantages of working with resin:

  1. This crafting technique is often compared to glass jewelry because the resin looks really reminiscent of glass.
  2. Resin allows artists / craters to work with delicate material (for example, flowers) as opposed to glass. The resin is an artificial variant of amber that we find in nature and

for years it keeps what is trapped in it. You can always find inspiration in nature (during a walk in the woods, or during hiking, or during a stay at one of the resorts). Forest and nature is an inexhaustible source from which you will bring new ideas and materials for making epoxy resin items.

  1. Autumn is a special time of year because it is mushroom season. Staying in the forest / nature can be beneficial in many ways because of all the benefits of the forest during the autumn months (small mushrooms, moss and ferns).
  2. In the spring, the main inspiration for the creators can be, for example, “awakening of nature”, which is especially fascinating when you regularly stay in the same forest, so you can directly follow how it changes through the seasons.
  3. The forest and nature in winter and summer are also very rich in scents, colors that you can always transform into objects and jewelry. The sea, oceans, lakes and rivers, and water (ships, the sound of waves, plants, flora, and fauna) in general can also give creatives plenty of ideas for making epoxy resin jewelry. You can wear a beautiful spring garden on a pendant (on a necklace around your neck), or a distinctive seabed, snowballs and the like. The idea has a handful.
  4. Working with plants using epoxy resin is a special challenge. Each plant is challenging and special. Each plant submits a different technique to making resin jewelry. Some plants change color during pressing, while some plants are sensitive to resin, so in contact with the resin they change appearance.
  5. To start a business with epoxy resin, resin and a few basic tools for its processing are enough. However, if you want to move away from what is mostly seen on social media and do something more demanding, you still need a bigger stake.
  6. It takes between five and 10 days to make a resin pendant, for example. It takes between 10 and 14 days to make a pendant from epoxy resin with a wooden frame. If we take into account the time required for collecting and pressing / drying the plant material, it should be added for about a week.
  7. The first stage of making an epoxy resin item is to collect the material that will go into the resin. These are mostly plants, various mushrooms, shells, snails, small and large stones, etc. The material can mostly be found in nature. You can grow some plants in your garden or on the balcony.
    Everything that is collected needs to be dried or pressed first. The second phase of production follows, ie mixing the resin. It consists of two

components that are liquid. They need to be mixed in a precise ratio to bring about a chemical reaction. This reaction will later allow the resin to harden. The resin is poured into a silicone mold while still in a liquid state. You can buy some molds ready-made. You can make some molds by hand to get shapes that will be recognizable to your brand.

  1. After pouring the resin into the mold, the plants are added, i.e. the material we want in the jewelry. Making jewelry requires a minimum of two layers of resin. Each layer hardens in 24 hours. The object taken out of the mold has sharp and irregular edges. Grinding and then polishing is required. Finally, drilling holes for metal parts is required. The process of making jewelry from wood and resin is somewhat longer and more demanding. First you need to sketch the shape you want to get out of the wood. From this sketch you use special tools to cut out the desired shape. The cut shape still needs to be sanded and shaped by hand. Then follows the resin casting phase. This part is similar to the part already described, but here resin is added to a ‘mold’ made of wood. At the end of it all comes the final sanding of the edges and varnishing with waterproof varnish.
  2. Keep in mind that your initial subjects will be imperfect because you will build your knowledge and skills on them. They will later be your favorite epoxy resin items. In the end, you will be grateful to them for every next more perfect piece of jewelry or item made of this material.
  3. The last link in the chain or the last step is the eternal question “can a hobby make money and live decently?” If you really like hobbies, the answer is “Yes”. You will surely live stronger than ever before. One should accept the fact that not every month will be ideal. Sometimes the traffic will be higher, sometimes lower. One should be even more aware that this kind of work has been built for many years. The jewelry design scene has always been big. It has been growing for years. The handmade market for all kinds of items and jewelry is large and inexhaustible all over the world. When saturation occurs in one generation, a new generation emerges. Also, as much as social networks seem to be full of jewelry, making jewelry is still just a hobby for most people. Mostly competition forces people to grow and develop. For jewelry designers everywhere, social networks are very important in business.
    Without social media, many designers would probably be just anonymous creatives. Social networks are certainly very important in building a brand, but a good reputation is crucial for the survival and maintenance of a brand. The speed at which negative information about a product spreads is even greater than the speed at which some positive information spreads. That is why it is very important to listen to customers, correct mistakes and have a desire to progress. A brand that does not strive for improvement is not sustainable.
    Top tips for starting a business in resin jewelry:
  4. Arm yourself with patience and distance yourself from negative thoughts and comments.
  5. The most important thing is perseverance and faith in yourself.
  6. Success in business does not come overnight. Success is traveled through work, numerous ups and downs. It also depends on how you define success. Do not observe success only through money, but consider that a successful man is one who is truly happy and satisfied with his life.


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      Thanks a lot for your comment. I like all kind of resin jewelry specially made with flowers, seashore, silicone and similar products. Wish you all the best. Amela

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