6 creative ideas for expanding the cramped existing space in every home


In recent months, we have been spending more time in the home where we live and work more and more. A feeling of tightness and tightness is possible and is accompanied by a feeling of lack of space for all household activities. With creative ideas, any small space can be made larger and more spacious. At the same time, with a small change, we bring freshness to every corner of the home. With very little investment and investment with colors, wallpapers and creative ideas, a completely new environment can be quickly created. By manipulating colors and wallpaper, we can also fix the shortcomings of a space. Be creative and optimize the proportions of the room at the same time.

  1. Bright colors make small rooms — more spacious and larger. The floor in a dark color in relation to the light environment will make low and small rooms take on the dimensions of space width. A darker colored front wall takes away the dimension of depth from narrow rooms (hallway, attic, basement rooms). The ceiling painted in white or a lighter shade of wall color visually evokes the dimension of height as walls with vertical stripes on the wallpaper. The ceiling and floor in dark colors give a pleasant environment to rooms with high ceilings (older construction of houses and apartments).
  2. Stripes are suitable for narrow rooms because they give completely new horizons – from a wall dressed in striped clothes, they benefit primarily from narrow rooms and short wall parts. In the transverse format, the room gains width while at the same time acting lower than it actually is. In the case of rooms with low ceilings / ceilings, this effect is best avoided. It becomes especially interesting in combining contrasting colors, and thick and thin stripes. Stripes can be achieved with paint and crepe tape. http://www.dulux.co.uk
  3. The color reduced to a dot-in the living room of the example makes a circle in the color of a delicate apricot becomes the focal point. Before doing the work / painting, consider the location where you want to place the painted surface, furniture and accessories. Use a piece of rope to sketch the contours of the circle first. Insert the nail in the center of the desired position. For the nail, tie a piece of rope whose length is the length of the radius of the circle plus a few centimeters for the binding of the pencil. Then, with a tight rope (as if handling a compass), sketch the contours of the circle on the wall. Use a brush to draw the contour of the circle. Fill the surface of the circle with a paint roller.
  4. Choosing wallpaper with picturesque areas – this is an anti-stress treatment for peaceful sleep and nights filled with rest and peaceful sleep. Gentle blue and mild white radiate harmony and purity. It is a real recipe for achieving peace (during the night) in the bedroom. Idyllic dreams similar to dreams during a vacation in a wooden house – you will have them with the help of wallpaper placed on the wall in the style of old copper engravings. Wall painting “Wytham” (Murals Wallpapers). http://www.muralwallpaper.com
  5. Creating relaxing green areas – monochromatic does not mean boring or monotonous. Immerse an entire area of ​​the home in your favorite color. For example, the gentle yellow-green creates a strong and modern atmosphere. The effect is more pronounced when the walls and surfaces of the table merge with each other in the same color. They make so much expressiveness of the picture on the walls superfluous and unnecessary. Matching frames are quite sufficient art.
  6. Yellow always improves the mood of the household – yellow brings the sun into every home. The yellow color is optimistic and bright. From the lighting effect of each shade of yellow, the rooms facing north benefit. (interior color sonnenstrahl) en.tacolor.com http://www.elledecor.com

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