A thermos bottle is a timeless item useful in winter and summer


For all fans of hot tea / coffee / or other hot drinks during travel, hiking, excursions, a thermos bottle is a necessary item. Especially if you often go to the mountains early in the morning, to nature or to some picnic areas where you cannot trust the availability of catering facilities.
We especially use thermos bottles in winter for some favorite winter drink or all year round.
A thermos bottle is also a handy item for car travel, but when you go on excursions where you walk and walk a lot, the thermos bottle can be too big and too heavy. Today, it is not recommended to share a drink from a thermos bottle with other passengers. Smaller thermos bottles are more convenient to use for one person.


Most thermos bottles (depending on the material they are made of) keep the temperature of the liquid for hours. It should be noted that the bottle opens easily. The best thermos bottles are bottles where the opening is solved with one press. The material of construction should be solid steel or stainless steel (necessarily in two layers so as not to conduct heat). A practical addition is the lid, which also has the function of a “drink cup”.


You can clearly put all the cold drinks in the thermos in the thermos. Lower temperatures stay low even longer. Thermos bottles can be purchased online or in all home and household equipment stores. You can find a thermos bottle in some stores with sports equipment and hiking equipment. The choice is really big. If you are looking for small thermos bottles, then look for thermos bottles with the prefix “mini”. These are most often bottles of half a liter or with a volume of 3.5 dl. Looking for a stainless steel bottle with a shock-resistant metal insert. Look for a bottle that keeps the liquid hot / cold for a long time because you don’t need to open the lid completely when pouring. Or a vacuum bottle with a double-insulated wall that keeps the liquid cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours, with a bamboo lid that is dishwasher safe.











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