Fruit is a sweet and irresistible motif on pillows, curtains, chairs, rugs and other items in the home

Fruit is an unusual and irresistible motif on rugs, pillows, curtains and toilet / kitchen ceramic tiles. Decorating the home (especially the kitchen) with motifs of lemon, orange, strawberry and other fruits can be cute and unusual. Fruit decoration can be suitable for warm summer days but also throughout the year.

  1. Lemons in the kitchen-kitchen decorated in a combination of white fronts and cabinets in wood decor addition with lemon will be a refreshment. These are stickers available in all sizes so they can be glued to any surface. Evening stickers use for free walls. Use smaller stickers / glue to the surface between the floor and wall elements.
  2. Lamps and lamps in the shape of a fruit – a lamp in the shape of a pineapple for example looks as attractive as an apple-shaped clock. You can buy plates decorated with fruit, so the whole ambience will look unusual and cute. Lamps, plates, cups, flower vases and other fruit-shaped items can be found in home furnishings stores.
  3. Images with fruit motifs – any image size and technique that shows live / dead fruit in a basket or some other form / content will refresh every monochrome and monotonous space in the home.
  4. The grape motif in the kitchen-borders on the walls will complement any kitchen or other room painted and furnished in, for example, a dynamic combination of green and red shades of color. You will get a discreet and effective detail.
  5. Fruit-shaped chairs – small chairs whose seating area has a picture / fruit motif will complete any kitchen, hallway or children’s room. The bright and playful yellow-coated sitting surface (in the shape of a sliced ​​lemon) will get a completely new expression. Paint the seat surface of the old chair yellow and the upper third of the legs of the chair. It will probably take two coats of paint. Then draw the slices and seeds in white.
  6. An apple is an ideal kitchen decoration – a fruit motif can dominate the kitchen or just some discreet detail (fruit decorated curtains, some ceramic tiles with glued stickers with an apple or some fruit motif).
  7. Using adhesive foils on refrigerators and other items — self-adhesive foils can be purchased at home furnishings stores or better-stocked bookstores. You can stick the fruit motif on the wall or some other surface (for example, the refrigerator). Slices of red and green apples or oranges will look extremely attractive glued to one of the household items.

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