Leaves, forest greenery, nature are the decorations in the home for all seasons

  1. Leaf-shaped pillows-can be a faithful imitation in the form of leaves. They bring nature into the home. If you can find models of pillows in the shape of leaves in stores or online stores, then sew such pillows yourself. Buy a green fabric with large enough green patterns that look like leaves and sew a decorative pillow with this motif by hand (or with the help of a sewing machine).
  2. Buy glasses (important for flowers, jugs for water / juice and other containers) made of green glass – it refreshes the drink in the glass but refreshes the airy look of the combination of green color and clear glass.
  3. Woody fragrance notes for home-the scent of nature in the home is achieved by choosing an adequate and sharper home perfume. Choose home fragrances with woody notes instead of the more frequently chosen floral notes of home perfume.
  4. Coasters in shades of green – protect the table surface, mute the rattle of plates and dishes on the table and bring the freshness of green to the dining room.
  5. Picture frames in shades of green – sometimes choose unusual green shades of picture frames that calm and make any room warmer.
  6. Decorating the bedroom is essential for a good and quality sleep and a fresh morning awakening – in the Scandinavian style, white is the dominant color for bedroom furniture. A photo wallpaper with motifs of tropical greenery will then be the perfect background for an accent wall.
  7. Protect the wall above the work surface in the kitchen in an elegant way and decorate it with motifs as desired with the help of glass panels and modern printing techniques. For a modern and fresh design, the combination of reduced white fronts and panels with forest and rainforest motifs is recommended. With a magnificent outfit of leaves, give a stamp of freshness that will adorn every corner of the home.

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