Board games encourage thinking, developing strategies, laughing, joking and are a quality time

During my childhood, often all the family, neighbors and friends gathered around the table playing some of the different board games. It was a quality time spent because every social game encourages thinking, developing strategies, laughing, joking and throwing at the expense of the opponent. Back then, parents and seniors spent more free time with young children. The children copied the elderly while also spending their free time learning from the elderly / family members. Every board game is useful and adaptable to all generations. Although board games are mostly played indoors, each of the games has its own charm and qualities. Children should be encouraged to buy some of the board games on their own by investing their own savings.
Ticket to ride Europe-one of the most popular board games in Europe and around the world. The duration of the game is unlimited, ie until a player finally wins. Players draw cards. Based on the maps, they build railway routes and build tunnels between European cities. This type of game is performed with small railway wagons on the work or playing surface / board.

Catan-is one of the favorite board games for kids and adults. In Catan you need to collect as much stone, brick, wood, grain, wool, various resources from which settlements and roads are built. The winner is the one who builds the most settlements. Movement is decided by the cube. Catan is based in part on luck, but needs some knowledge and experience when it comes to playing experience. Catan is among the few best-selling games in the world. This game was created by German Klaus Tauber. In 1995, Spiel des Jahres, the relevant German association in the world of board games (which awards the best players), declared the Catan game “the best game of 1995”.

Carcassonne is also one of the most popular board games. The game is named after a medieval fortress town in the southern French province of Languedoc. Various forts, monasteries and roads line up in the endless fields of brown and green cards. Carcassonne is (just like Catan) in a series of anthological board games – globally known. It is this game that may have the most upgrades. For example, when you buy a basic box, various extensions can be added later. Each new purchased extension / addition of the game brings joy to every home. Carcassonne is easy to learn. A beginner doesn’t even need to know a lot of rules. Every beginner will build settlements step by step. More experienced players give advice to the starting player and thus introduce the beginner to Carcassonne.

Dominion is another popular board/card game designed by Donald X Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games. Every player is a monarch. With the help of split cards, each player fights for the expansion of his kingdom by expanding the fief and taking over other people’s armies. Maps are used here. The game requires the participation of several players. The duration of the game is unlimited, i.e. until a player finally wins. Each player uses a separate deck of cards and draw their hands from their own decks, not those of others. Players use the cards in their hands to either perform actions or buy select cards from a common pool of card stacks. The player with the most victory points at the end wins. The game has a “light” medieval theme, with card names that reference pre-industrial, monarchical, and feudal social structures.

Due to the current situation with the corona virus, online shopping is definitely recommended.

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