A small travel pharmacy fits in any backpack (bag) during a stay in nature (mountains and other outdoor locations)


When we think about staying in nature, on picnic areas, outdoor locations, forests and various rest areas, we often forget about potential health problems that can happen unexpectedly then. It is always convenient and desirable to carry a mini-pharmacy that fits in just about any hiking backpack (or bag) and can be very useful during awkward situations.

  1. Protection in nature for the whole family – the skin is sometimes exposed to the stings of various insects. Gel and spray preparations are ideal protection for all generations and age groups. Preparations without alcohol, parabens and perfumes are recommended. Choose preparations with essential oils of basil, rosemary, lavender, panthenol, bisabolol, vitamin E and lemongrass. These preparations are safe to use and suitable even for sensitive skin. They are easy to use. They do not leave stains or greasy marks on skin and clothes.
  2. Hair and face protection- It is difficult to maintain healthy hair and beautiful complexion (tonality) after a long stay in the sun, minuses, wind, or exposure to sea salt. Spray preparations (for hair and face) containing dexpanthenol are preferred. These preparations naturally protect the skin by providing optimal moisture and restoring the natural pH. Efikanso also regenerates the skin after sunbathing, using a solarium, shaving, epilation, depilation. It is recommended to use spray preparations because they are easy to use for all skin types. Applying hair spray stimulates hair growth, shine and softness of hair.
  3. Protection of the genitals during swimming – during swimming and water sports, the problems of the genital region are more common. Humidity and high temperatures favor the development of microorganisms that cause these health problems. An obligatory part of a mini travel pharmacy should therefore be a gel or cream for intimate care. Use preparations that contain plants that are traditionally used as natural antifungals (propolis, calendula, yarrow). These preparations are safe for any application because they do not irritate the mucous membrane, protect the genitals from possible inflammatory processes / infections. They also provide a pleasant feeling of freshness.
  4. Burns and redness of the skin – the skin of the face, body and lips can be protected with an ointment to prevent dangerous redness caused by too high / low temperatures. Use natural ointments because the natural formulation prevents the formation of scars. Relieves symptoms of burns (redness, swelling and pain). It is recommended for dry and wet burns regardless of the origin. These preparations are ideal for the protection and care of delicate children’s skin.
  5. Probiotic is an indispensable part of a small travel pharmacy – by changing the climatic conditions and diet, diarrhea, constipation and bloating can occur. Probiotics are useful for regulating the gastrointestinal flora. Thanks to the formulations and effective and tested probiotic properties, they give multiple positive effects on immunity and the health of the organism. Probiotics are simple and comfortable to dose.

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