Hydration is important for any sport and physical activity


When the loss of fluid from the body is greater than the intake of fluid, dehydration occurs. With water (or with liquid), electrolytes or salts are lost, which are converted into ions by dissolving in water. Each of the electrolytes has a specific function in the body. Electrolyte balance is of multiple importance to the human body. Feeling thirsty, dry mouth, swollen tongue, malaise, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, confusion, loss of consciousness, decreased urination, disorientation are signs of dehydration.
The body loses water through sweat and urine. The organism, however, continuously loses water through the exhalation of air saturated with water vapor (lat. Perspiratio insensibile). In physically active people, each of the processes of water / fluid loss is more intense. Sports that take place in a cold environment (such as swimming) do not cause the need to sweat in order to release excess heat. However, these sports lead to the loss of water from the body through the kidneys. In a cold environment, there is a so-called centralization of blood flow or redirection of blood to internal organs (heart, liver and kidneys). This causes faster filtration in the renal system and increased urine production. The body also loses water / fluid in this way. During physical activity, athletes lose large amounts of electrolytes that they cannot compensate for just by taking plain water. Ordinary water does not contain the appropriate amount of electrolytes. The most effective way to rehydrate due to fluid loss through sweat is to drink sports drinks. Most sports drinks contain a combination of electrolytes and glucose which provides optimal rehydration before, during and after physical activity. One of the most important features of most sports drinks is the speed of compensating for lost fluid and accelerated recovery from training. The advantage of most sports drinks is the pleasant smell of fruit. If physical activity lasts longer than 30-40 minutes, it is necessary to drink sports drinks. Thanks to the balanced contents of glucose and electrolytes, sports drinks provide additional energy during exercise and the possibility of achieving even better results. Thus, people who exercise will enjoy practicing physical activities more and persevere in continuous training.


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