The French have a low mortality rate from heart disease, although they use a high-fat diet

The so-called “French paradox” is known in the world. This term defines the fact that the French have a lower mortality rate from heart disease (coronary heart disease) compared to residents of other western countries — even though they have a high-fat diet. One of the most popular american TV shows of the 1990s was a TV show called “60 Minutes”. In one of these TV shows “60 minutes”, alcohol and above all red wine were presented to viewers as “elixir”. Alcohol or red wine in the show was called elixir, which reduces the incidence of heart disease by as much as 44%. The wineries immediately launched media campaigns to give red wine the epithet “healthy food”.

Scientists needed to explain the French paradox to the world in more detail and give some acceptable scientific explanation. The scientists then identified compounds that may be responsible for preventing heart disease. All these compounds are found in larger quantities in the basic French drink – red wine. One of these compounds is the flavonoid resveratrol. Resveratrol has exceptional antioxidant potential and other mechanisms of action. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular system (including blood pressure), brain, nervous system. Contributes to the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

Today, pharmacists have developed a full range of preparations that allow people to enjoy the benefits of alcohol-free wine. Many tablets that exist on the market and are bought without a prescription contain high-purity trans-resveratrol developed by scientists from renowned manufacturers in the world. Such tablets do not contain impurities (herbicides and pesticides) and many are produced using leading Japanese technologies. Trans-resveratrol tablets are available on the market in combination with other important ingredients. Trans-resveratrol tablets with coenzyme Q10 can be found. Coenzyme Q10 exhibits cardio-protective and neuro-protective effects. It is recommended in conditions of increased mental and physical stress and effort. It plays an important role in strengthening the human immune system. It is recommended for all people who care about the health of the heart and blood vessels, and for people over the age of 35 as protection against the harmful effects of free radicals and premature aging.

Trans-resveratrol can be found in capsule form in combination with Ginkgo biloba. The strong antioxidant effect here is combined with the properties of the active principles from the dry extract of the Ginkgo biloba plant. Together, they have a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The positive effect of the main components of the product is observed at the level of the whole organism. These capsules are recommended by pharmacists and experts to improve neuro-cognitive functions, for dizziness and tinnitus, to improve peripheral circulation, to maintain cardiovascular health, and to prevent heart disease and maintain blood glucose levels and insulin activity within reference limits. They are also recommended for increasing the oxygen supply to the tissues and for exceptional antioxidant defense of the organism from negative external influences. All types of supplements (capsules, tablets and other preparations) should of course be used with the advice and recommendations of doctors, pharmacists and medical professionals. The universal advice of all medical workers of all professions is that people try to afford the best ingredients from nature in the right combinations to their body.


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