Boost your sense of happiness to consciously reduce stress and fears (6 tips)

  1. Practicing activities that maintain a sense of well-being (well-being), a sense of meaningful living, a sense of connection with other people — contribute to strengthening the immune system. This is especially important in difficult times, which include the time of the pandemic. It is sometimes easier to strengthen the feeling of happiness than to alleviate the feeling of stress.
  2. You can strengthen your mind and body by strengthening your feelings of happiness, general well-being and all kinds of pleasure. This strongly affects the immune functions in the body. These positive processes occur completely separately from the negative processes (stress, fear, anxiety).
  3. With the increase of satisfaction in general with the life of each individual, the level of immune defense progressively increases. Scientists believe that these benefits are correlated with the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible, among other things, for the body’s defensive reaction.
  4. Scientists from UCLA University in California, Los Angeles ( believe that it is sometimes easier to strengthen feelings of happiness and life satisfaction than to drive away / alleviate stress. Activation of the parts of the brain responsible for the feeling of reward and positive psychological processes can have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, scientists from UCLA University believe.
  5. Enhancing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction can be done by any person and every individual by starting to make small positive gestures or small steps and kind gestures towards other people and animals.
  6. People who feel life satisfaction more intensely also have a genotype that conditions a stronger immune system. Tips from scientists from UCLA University: To activate this process, try the mindfulness exercise, which you can download from

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