Protect hair from damage caused by moisture (7 hair care tips)

The way wet hair and hair is treated affects the health and appearance of the hair. The surface layer of hair consists of overlapping squamous cells. This surface layer of hair enlarges like scales when the hair is wet / damp. This can temporarily disrupt the structure of the hair follicles. Most people, after washing their hair, try to untangle the tangled hairs of their hair with coarser strokes with a towel (or brush). This negative trend of hair treatment can be stopped by adopting certain habits that will ensure proper care and protection of wet (damp) hair / hair.
  1. Proper hair treatment begins during hair washing. Switch the shower to cold water once you rinse the used hair conditioner. Then rinse your hair once more with colder water. Then gather your hair and gently squeeze out the excess water.
  2. It is important to choose a towel for drying wet hair. Towels made of rough-textured material damage the cuticle. So wrap your hair in a soft cotton towel (like the cotton used for T-shirts). You can use an old cotton T-shirt for this purpose. The density of either of these fabrics will not cause any damage to the surface layer of the hair follicles.
  3. Before washing / showering, it would be ideal to comb and untangle the hair. With your fingers, you can untangle a knot in your hair that you have already put conditioner on. The conditioner will soften the hair, so untangling the intricate knot in the hair will be easier and painless.
  4. After showering, soak up excess water on your hair with a soft cotton material. Then comb the wet hair with a brush with flexible teeth (which will not damage the hair). From the ends, start the process of combing the hair, then brush gradually towards the root. This way the hair will not be pulled too far along the entire length with brush strokes.
  5. Extrahydration is important. Use a leave-in conditioner. This provides a greater degree of hydration of the hair and closes the cuticle. This protects the hair better. Choose care products (conditioners, conditioners, serums, etc.) according to your hair type. This will retain moisture and the texture of the hair will not be disturbed.
  6. For thin strands of hair / thin hair, choose mild conditioners whose ingredient is water. These conditioners will give the hair enough moisture and will not cause oiliness of the hair. When your hair is thick and sharp, choose nourishing types of conditioner.
  7. For conditioners (and hair conditioners), the general rule is to apply these products to damp hair from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair.

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