Cube, square, lines and unusual shapes adorn each dome (6 tips)

Drawn lines, different geometric shapes on the walls, fabrics and details make the rooms of the home playful, dynamic and tidy. Smaller elements such as club tables or shelves (in the shape of a cube or square) can be placed in every corner of the home. It is also an ideal way to use the corners of the house and keep the central part of the room free.
  1. Living room and dining rooms – in furniture salons and various furniture stores you can find various and interesting pieces of furniture. When you still want originality in the home and dimensions that suit your home – it is best to make custom furniture. Then shelves, tables and other furniture give a strong stamp to the rooms especially if they are made in a contrasting color in relation to the painted wall where they will be placed.
  2. Modern and dynamic space-lines and various geometric shapes present on all elements in the interior (lighting, furniture, wallpaper, floor coverings, decorative items, etc.) in various combinations give a great effect. The rooms of the home are becoming dynamic and modern.
  3. Geometric shapes in rooms – among interior designers, there is an established rule that should be followed when decorating rooms. One should not overdo it with geometric shapes or patterns on fabrics in one room. The only exception can be made in an environment where a black and white combination of furniture is present. Then you can make an exception and complement the interior with pillows, curtains, decorative items with geometric causes.
  4. Geometry in the living room- if you really like geometry you can use a good combination to decorate the living room. Let the table be round in shape, a rug with lines, pillows with stripes, a domed concrete pot in some unusual pedestal and, for example, a few paintings in an unusual hexagonal variant on the wall.
  5. Geometry in a small apartment-sleeping zone in small apartments is most often within the living area. Such apartments need a screen or some kind of partition that would separate the bedroom from the living room. The partition can be transparent and does not have to be placed literally from floor to ceiling. If you like geometry and geometric shapes in your home, then you can make a custom wooden partition with beams that would fill triangular or quadrangular fields.
  6. Shelves in the shape of a cube – the advantage of these elements is that the owner can make combinations and order of stacking shelves as desired and at their discretion and periodically move or supplement them. Combine the colors of shelves in accordance with colors on other interior elements in the room. In furniture stores, look for modular cabinets / shelves in a variety of colors that have glass doors or are fully open.

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