Wood panels make every home more comfortable and warmer


Wall coverings are generally the best solution for people who want to beautify their home / house without much effort. Wooden panels used as wall coverings will make any home a warmer and more comfortable living space.

  1. Use solid spruce wooden profiles for wall cladding (especially in narrow rooms). The relief characteristics of spruce are emphasized by their brushed surface. You can finish the wooden panels in a matte version (white, gray, etc.). It will look clean and tidy.
  2. Wooden panels in dark colors are reminiscent of old whiskey barrels. These panels have a retro charm that you can combine with modern lighting. Between these panels you can fit a shiny aluminum profile with LED strips.
  3. The aura of warmth is given by natural oak as part of the wall cladding / panel. You can achieve the 3D effect with different wood thicknesses ranging from 3.5 mm to 7.5 mm. The assembly process is simple. The structural elements fit together by gluing.
  4. Wooden panels or wooden planks of uneven dimensions and colors can line the walls in the living room. Wooden panels of the room will give originality and warmth. In the middle of this living room, you can place a table and a pendant with a modern design, and cover the floors with majolica floor tiles in warm brown tones. Make a wooden bench in the dining room if you have this option, because that way you will get an additional place for a comfortable sitting / staying in the living room.
  5. You can line the walls with wooden slats, which have become more popular in recent years. In modernly furnished homes / apartments / houses, such wooden slats are called laths or lamellas. They are characterized by exceptional multifunctionality and versatility. They have an aesthetic and practical role in the home. They contribute to creating a warm ambience of the room. There are no rules for the thickness of wooden slats. Any thickness of slats is allowed. The slats can be of various lengths and thicknesses. They can be used independently as an element in a space (like a partition) or be attached to walls or furniture fonts.
  1. Wooden panels in the attic – it is necessary to install insulating material in the attic. This is followed by wall cladding. One of the solutions for the walls are definitely wooden panels. They create a pleasant atmosphere and perfectly camouflage irregularities that are common on the walls of the attic.
  2. The panels are easy to maintain and suitable for rooms with increased humidity. The panels have a special “click” mounting system that allows the placement of paintings and light cantilever shelves for books, decorations and small decorations.
  3. You can use material from old fishing boats and huts to make panels from tropical hardwood. Emphasize the natural look of the wood by cleaning and light polishing.
  4. Panels provide unimagined possibilities for decorating every room in the home. You can easily paint the panels in any color. If you want to keep the natural look / color of the wood then protect the panels with a special coating. This coating further emphasizes the wood fibers and knots. Interior design is easier with additional equipment (system rails, hooks, shelves and lamps).
    The advantages of using wood panels are:
    Acoustics – in addition to contributing to the warmth and natural atmosphere in homes, wooden panels are an excellent protection against noise.
    Renovation-problematic surfaces (for example unevenness and irregularities on the walls) are easily solved by installing wood paneling (parquet or decking).
    Planning-wood panels offer completely new ideas for interior design due to the variety of wood types, colors, patterns and methods of installation.
    Function- between the two wooden panels you can always place cantilever shelves, pictures or modern LED strips.

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