5 tips for applying a little shimmer and shine to the face, hair and body for the upcoming holidays


After months of not using lip gloss and other glittery make-up and effects — it’s good to make a change / exception for the upcoming New Year’s holidays and celebrations. Glitter effects on the face, a little gloss on the lips will improve the mood, make people more attractive and undoubtedly awaken a sleepy and a little forgotten feeling of joy and special occasions. The shimmering and natural effect of wearing make-up and clothes infuses a feeling of new strength and gives optimism to the user. The shimmering effect is identified with water — which is the source of life. There is a wide range of uses for glittery looks (make-up, hair ornaments, unusual clothes and shoes, and more). This gives people / users a better mood and infuses additional and much-needed optimism.The shimmering effects on the face and body are easily removed by rubbing makeup remover oil into dry skin. Then wipe the skin with a damp soft cloth.

  1. Glitter effects / glitter in hair-art and application strategy are key to good makeup. To have a subtle effect, add glitter only to the parting (or to the ends of the bun or braid). Avoid glitter in the spray as this way the glitter particles get on the clothes and can be transmitted to anything the person touches. Instead of glitter spray, use glitter in a gel that is applied with a brush. Glitters for hair and body can contain microplastics which are then poured into wastewater and thus pollute the environment. Therefore, care should be taken to use bio-degradable glitters made from sustainable cellulose sources such as eucalyptus. These glitters are easy to rinse with water – fashion stylists and make-up artists advise.
  2. Glitter effects on nails / glitter nail polish-metallic nail polishes are a neutral choice and are practically compatible with all clothing combinations. This type of nail polish is both more durable and resistant to abrasion. Take nail polish with glitter if you want a pronounced glitter effect. The duration of glitter nail polish will be extended for a few more days when you apply colorless nail polish in the final layer. Instead of pulling strokes from the root to the tip of the nail (the glitter will then group unevenly on the surface), tap the nail polish on the nails. Applying this method will prevent the nail polish from staying in a layer that is too thick. A wise move is to apply a base coat or base for nail polish – because it facilitates the later removal of nail polish. You can remove everything with a fine nail file traces of glitter stuck to the nail. Then rub a little cuticle oil – manicure / pedicure experts advise.
  1. Shimmering effects on the shoulders and décolleté – a great idea is to apply glitter and fine glitter on the shoulders, décolleté and other parts of the body more exposed to light. Oil glitter is then a good choice. If you use warm clothes, apply oil glitter to the décolleté and collarbone, emphasizing the contours of that part of the body. Glitter in the form of hydrating fragrant water is then suitable because it does not leave marks on clothes.
  2. Use glittery effects like make-up — creating a glamorous and subtle look is also achieved with glitter. One of the favorite make-up techniques used by make-up artists is to apply a pearlescent shadow only in the inner and outer corner of the eye. This achieves the effect of more rested and larger eyes. A more discreet option is to apply glitter directly on the eyelids. With your fingertip, tap the pearlescent shadow on the lid to create a “party look”. For a more subtle effect, add a layer of glitter or gold eye shadow only to the line drawn with the eye-liner. Apply an eye-liner then apply a thin layer of clear eyelash glue over that line. Before the glue dries, carefully press the glitter or gold shadow on this drawn line. Try to keep it as close as possible to the edges of the lashes. Then apply eye mascara in several layers – make-up artists advise. If some particles end up on the cheeks, remove it with a piece of duct tape with an adhesive side. If some eye shadow or eye-liner is smeared under the eyes — then erase that part with a dedicated agent before you finish the makeup. To emphasize the cheekbones, follow the golden rule: apply glitter only on the highest parts of the face. If you put glitter only on the cheekbones of the face then the glitter will only highlight the flaws in the texture that you actually want to mask. Therefore, leave the brightest products for the parts above the cheeks. Always apply glitter with a thick, flat brush. Glitter will scatter if you use a loose brush. The application is more precise the firmer and denser the brush.
  3. Apply the shimmering effect on lips- lips in your favorite lipstick color. Apply a layer of glitter lip gloss over it. This emphasizes the intensity of the color. You can also put glitter powder in the same color on a layer of lipstick. Then be quick because the lipstick needs to be moist to fix the glitter on the lips. Then press it with a flat brush. One option is to stick a piece of gold foil on top of your upper lip to highlight the shape of your lips.










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