5 tips on how to be a good event organizer


A good organizer of events, business, travel or similar jobs becomes starting with the organization of your own home / home. The most important piece of advice is to keep drawers, closets and other rooms in the home tidy. With a good organization of items in the home and other things that you use regularly, you will have a slight insight into the work of organizing larger events. In this way, work habits are acquired and the right organization is learned, which will later be transformed in the business environment.

  1. A good organizer records everything in a diary, planner or notebook — although this is trivial advice this advice is always and everywhere useful and well-intentioned. You will have notes, records, written obligations, agreements, plans in one place and always at your fingertips. You can always add extras and various reminders to help you not forget anything.
  2. Keep records and notes regularly — write down all notes, tags, and important information regularly. If it is necessary to archive or store some goods, items and materials, then do the storage properly and legibly. If you need to put the goods in a warehouse or boxes / bags-then on each of these items put a label with information about what kind of goods are stored.
  3. Systematize drawers according to a rule that you will easily remember – get drawers (plastic or cardboard) that you will systematize according to the rules. Examples are document drawers, medicine drawers, makeup drawers and the like. This saves you time and saves your nerves, because things will be organized and systematized in a certain order. So you bring order to your business and your own life.
  4. Make regular lists of things – write a list of things to buy, things to repair, a list of daily / weekly / monthly / annual obligations and responsibilities, a list of planned events / large and small obligations. When compiling various lists becomes a habit for you, you will realize how good an organizer you have already become.
  5. Avoid any accumulation of things — the main enemy of good organization is unnecessary accumulation of things. Avoid as much as possible and in all possible ways any kind of accumulation (especially unnecessary things). Keep basic and necessary items and of course items that have a sentimental past (and are part of your business and private life). Other items that you do not use, that are surplus and have no sentimental connection with those items – donate, sell, throw away or remove from use.

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