6 Beauty routines and care during one winter day

  1. Start your morning routine during the winter day-day with a face wash gel and micellar face water. Then apply a moisturizer, a protective layer against the cold (BB cream or powder) on the face and put eye cream around the eyes. These creams will be a protective layer during the day and a base for makeup. It is important that you know your skin and undertone well in order to choose the appropriate winter skin care products. When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the texture, consistency and smell of the product. Choose richer products (butter and oils) that ideally hydrate the skin during the winter day. These products are suitable for massaging the face, body, hands and feet. The smell of care products is an important factor. Cosmetics enriched with essential oils give an aromatherapeutic effect. It has positive psychological and emotional effects on calming and balancing the mind, body and mind. It can reduce stress, relax or give energy and good mood (depending on the choice of oil).
  2. In your daily routine during the winter day, use the Foreo UFO2 gadget whose ice lights give the skin a special kind of radiance and hydration in record time. Self-massage is also an essential part of the daily routine as it stimulates circulation. Beneficial ingredients from cosmetics are better absorbed by self-massage. A good effect for massaging the face and neck is given by the use of a hand massager made of semi-precious stones. They reduce swelling and, thanks to the effect of lymphatic drainage, they release the skin from toxins. Paraffin hand and foot masks hydrate and soften the skin of the hands, feet, cuticles and improve the condition of the skin. Face masks remove impurities while the skin is clean and refreshed. Combining the physical and emotional effects of massage with the healing properties of plant essences is the best way (for example with lavender, mint, bergamot, rose and lemon oils). http://www.foreo.com
  3. Use several eye mascaras for lashes. Use old and worn mascara to comb your lashes. Use other mascaras for lash volume. You can put mascara on top and bottom (or in both directions) on the lashes. That way you get more volume.
  4. For extravagant and striking daily wardrobe, use calmer and lighter make-up. If the wardrobe is minimalist and reduced – then choose stronger makeup emphasizing the eyes or lips. In winter, choose warm, offer colors and eyeliner — which goes well with all clothing combinations.
  5. Maintain good fitness with morning training, mini exercises during the day and diet.
  6. Create a spa oasis in the bathroom – it is a relaxing body care ritual. The effects are multiple. You provide the skin with the necessary nutrients and elements of spa treatments – scents for the ambience, scented candles, diffuser with essential oil, lighting, light music, favorite bath cosmetics, contact with water – have a calming and regenerating body, mind and psyche. Experts say that a better mood and an influx of positive energy with a spa treatment can be felt after a short spa relaxation lasting 20 minutes.

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