Volunteering is important for every community and society


In 1985, the United Nations Assembly declared December 5 – International Volunteer Day. Volunteers are generally an important part of every society in the world. Volunteer actions stand out especially in extraordinary and unforeseen life circumstances. During 2020, all the volunteers of the world contributed immeasurably to extraordinary circumstances and overcoming challenges. Through further joint action, volunteers continue to overcome all life’s challenges and contribute in the best possible way to the improvement of life in the community and the improvement of society in general. Today, December 5, is also an opportunity to integrate volunteering into development programs and promote individual and corporate volunteering. This day is an opportunity to encourage leading institutions to support the entire volunteer engagement in the world and recognize the importance of volunteer contributions in achieving goals that contribute to peace and sustainable development of society at all levels within a country.
Volunteering creates positive emotions and contributes to the development of society and community. Volunteering can be done by all adults / adults and young people under the supervision of the elderly. Older volunteers give and show their experiences, knowledge and skills to younger generations. Older volunteers also make a huge contribution to the promotion of volunteering and the advancement of society with their knowledge, skills and experience. Total volunteering is one of the most important mechanisms for delivering social, environmental and economic transformation, ensuring a lasting impact on changes in people’s ways of thinking, attitudes and behavior.
Happy Volunteer Day – to all volunteers of the world and interested people who want to become volunteers in one of the vital areas.






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