Theca-natural cosmetics (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Theca cosmetics is a treatment for both skin and lifestyle users.
Natural cosmetics for adult skin care and for the care of delicate children’s skin. Creams are made from natural oils (almond, coconut, olive oil). Butter (Shea butter and cocoa butter) also enters the composition of the cream. There are essential oils with a beautiful scent (lavender, orange, rosemary, tea tree, and vanilla). All products are preservative-free. Creams are made to order. The creams are stored in the refrigerator. The composition of the cream depends on the skin type. Thus olive oil and Shea butter enter the composition of creams for dry skin. Sweet almond oil is added to the cream for normal skin. The baby cream is rich in ingredients that will keep the baby’s skin soft and without irritation. It is important for babies that the cream is 100% natural because what you apply to the skin also enters the bloodstream. We make lip balm which, due to its natural composition, can be used by children.

Personal or individual cosmetics are natural cosmetics adapted to the individual needs of users. In individual cosmetics, you know the ingredients of a certain preparation, most often creams.
The advantage of natural, individual aroma cosmetics is the use of unrefined, high-quality, vegetable oils that do not contain free radicals. A big advantage compared to the usual cosmetics is that no preservatives are added to the preparations.
This is important because each skin reacts individually to certain ingredients, so it is necessary to approach each person individually.

The price of the personal cream is 20 KM – 50 ml
Face cream – sensitive, dry, mature skin
Cream for the colder days to come.
Cold days, dry skin, wrinkles, dehydrated skin. This cream is a solution for dry skin. Immortelle, E vitamin,natural, almond oil make it an ideal cream for the above. With this cream, cold is not a problem.
Comment from one of our customers:
“In the forties, facial skin is starting to change, looking for something more. I tried a lot of Japanese, German and other creams, the only one left in the game since February this year is Face cream with aloe from Theca manufacturer. Bosnian and best, I recommend. “
Price 17KM ( or approx. 8,5 Euro) 50ml
Black seed cream is exceptional for skin with acne, and dry skin with wrinkles and scars.

We recommend that you use soap with Black seed oil to cleanse the skin with this cream. Soap is used before applying the cream.
The price of the cream is 10KM (5 Euro) for a package of 30ml
Soap 5KM (2,5 Euro)

Contact phone (+387) 61912991

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