Preparations and products with mimosa extract strengthen the skin and smooth wrinkles

The mimosa plant is a symbol of tenderness. Mimosa is also a symbol of National Cervical Cancer Day. The scent of mimosa is felt from the intense yellow flowers. The soothing and intoxicating essential oil of mimosa is often used in the making of luxury perfumes. Mimosa is a plant of Australian origin. Mimosa extract primarily stimulates collagen synthesis. Protects elastin fibers. Mimosa has a rejuvenating effect. Creams that contain mimosa extract in their composition tighten the skin and contaminate wrinkles. Mimosa also has antibacterial activity. It is recommended for the care of impure and oily skin and skin prone to acne. Adding a few drops of mimosa absolute or essential oil (regardless of skin type) to a lotion or body milk is a great way to refresh and tone the skin An added boon is the relaxing aromatherapy effect.

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