Everyday life should be more meaningful and simple (face and body care in a pandemic)


The age of the pandemic is chaotic and people instinctively strive for a simpler and more meaningful everyday life. This is also reflected in beauty rituals. Today’s global trend is called “mindful hedonism”. Until recently, beauty rituals meant more to people than just tweaking their appearance, while the rituals of everyday life are now intensely associated with the harmony of body and soul.
Habit of touching the face – each person touches the face on average 20 times a day (rubbing the eyes, resting the head on the palms, scratching the nose, touching the lips, etc.). We now have health tips and warnings that say people should refrain from these habits. Touching the face is most often an unconscious movement. Therefore, the hands should be trained to “refrain” from unconsciously touching the face. A rattle bracelet is recommended as a kind of audible warning. A brightly colored bracelet is also recommended, which attracts attention. You can apply a fragrant lotion or a stronger perfume on your hands that will be felt when you bring your hands close to your face. Hands are also well employed (holding a pen, knitting, squeezing an anti-stress ball, etc.) to avoid touching the face.
Cosmetic companies are recording an increase in demand for body and facial care products during the pandemic (body mist, lotions, etc.) because people have a feeling of “hugging” using these products. There is an increased demand for products that give a feeling of lightness, clarity and purification (baths, shower gel, peeling, masks, fragrances with pronounced herbal freshness, etc.). Thus people find inner peace at the same time. It has been scientifically proven that “people have more control and self-confidence grows – when they are nurtured”.

“Clean makeup” (or cosmetics without ingredients harmful to health) is more present in the market (American) due to the useful ingredients and advances in cosmetic technology. A good combination is cool shades of pink complemented with warm nude or red shades. Other large cosmetic companies are increasingly bringing their products closer to “pure” products, i.e. they are releasing ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, aluminum, perfumes and synthetic dyes.
Products should be consumed until the end – before buying a new product


People have also become more environmentally aware in the new era of pandemics. Changes, of course, do not come overnight. Yet the changes are visible and noticeable all around us. “Reasonable consumption” or conscious consumption is present in life and also in the world of beauty today. This creates less waste and reduces environmental pollution. Cosmetic products have so far often been bought impulsively, thus creating unnecessary stocks that are increasingly accumulating and not completely consumed. The pandemic grounded consumerism and made people more frugal and life-sustainable. This was also reflected in the world of beauty and facial and body care and cosmetics in general. An online challenge called “Project Pan” (which was officially launched in 2016) has been relaunched. This Project promotes the use of cosmetic products to empty the container (containing cream, gel, perfume, etc.) so that the bottom of the container is visible to the naked eye. No similar product should be purchased during this challenge until the existing product is fully utilized. On the Internet you can find accessories (beauty spatulas or Every Drop Beauty Spatula) that help to get the cosmetic product out of the box / packaging / container to the maximum. The most popular beauty spatula looks like an arrow. The triangular silicone tip is located on a flexible spatula stick. The tip is shaped to reach into each inner part of the container containing the cosmetic product. The spatula serves as an applicator for applying cosmetics and is easy to wash / maintain.








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