Castles, knights and knight games for children

You can buy children’s models of bunk beds (which instantly become a fortress with a little skill of children and adults) in all well-stocked furniture stores. These models made of natural and rustic wood are sold in furniture salons or can be made to order by hand in carpentry workshops (if there is such an option). Dutchwood Company The Netherlands
Basic material for making a fortress: cardboard box, glue, scissors, graphite pencil and ruler
To make a fortress out of children’s imagination: a cot can easily become a fortress and a space for little knights eager for adventure. If a bed-fortress is not an option, then an imaginary fortress made of cardboard box easily fits into any room. Get a cardboard box disassembled into as large pieces as possible. Sketch individual parts of the fortress with a graphite pencil and ruler (towers, toothed openings, roofs, gate, handles, etc.). connect the building elements on both sides with adhesive tape. Then fix the fortress with sticky pillows to the wall. Add a paper torch at the end as a finishing touch. Two colored paper chips with a “flame” of tissue paper. Glue the torches made in this way to the fortress with glue. Alternative: you can attach a cardboard fortress to the front of a large closet.
Time travel: in many children’s books and encyclopedias, history comes to life, so children and parents travel through time and experience unusual adventures. Get the children a book with illustrations about castles and knights, medieval swords, knight games and similar topics.
For original yard decoration: crucify a thicker thread inside the empty picture frames. You will then attach the children’s drawings with thread clips. The advantage of such paintings is that old drawings can always be replaced by new children’s drawings.
If your child is celebrating a birthday, make birthday invitations by hand that you can seal with wax to make the impression convincing and credible. The necessary accessories for such stamped letters and other materials for making can be found in well-equipped office supplies stores at affordable prices. In better stores you can also get kits for knights and other necessary children’s equipment.
For the children’s room, a corner shelf made of univer is practical. This shelf is practical because it allows you to store all children’s things, items and toys. It fits in every corner of the room and gives plenty of space and can be adjusted in height to other elements.
The children’s chair should be upholstered in gray velvet for boys, while the pink shade is suitable for girls.

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