The word “eclectic” style is often repeated (in fashion and clothing, interior design, etc.)

Eclectic style literally means freedom in creating any lifestyle and is applicable to all segments of life. Eclectic style actually means choosing the best from several different styles. The name comes from the Greek word “eklektikós” which means “to choose the best”.
In an eclectic design style, it is important to take one dominant style as a basis. Then elements of one or two other styles (not more than that) should be added to that dominant style according to personal affinities in order to avoid the effect of overcrowding and distaste. This is important for fashion but also for every other segment of life, for example interior or exterior design. The eclectic style that makes it special is not the fact that it is allowed to throw out all the rules, but that some rules should be followed in order to achieve the right effect. Fashion designers and interior designers will point out that the important rules of eclectic style in this work are the choice of colors, patterns, textures, wall galleries and the inevitable houseplants (for interior decoration).

Eclectic style colors
It is important to choose the dominant color although the color palette may vary. Then, with small details, more colors should be added. In the eclectic interior, the walls are bright. It is recommended to use one additional neutral color connecting for the whole ambience. A similar recommendation is for the fashion world. A great choice of the dominant color is the “pantone” blue shade. While the elements in wood decor and white color allow large pieces of furniture to stand out.
Establishing a balance in an eclectic style
It is important for interior designers to achieve cohesion between the floor and a piece of furniture. Wood decor is the best choice for achieving balance. At the same time, wood decor is a connecting moment in this style. The ideal choice of piece furniture would be a chest of drawers that represents the influence of industrial in retro style. Chests of drawers are extremely practical pieces of furniture. Such pieces of furniture leave free space on the wall above the surface for positioning the “dominant” detail and gallery of paintings, which would emphasize the special and artistic note in the ambience. The combination of large and small shelves is great for forming a wall gallery that would be an aesthetic accent of the ambience. The retro-style bed forms the backbone of the eclectic ambience. It gives the space a personal touch. Decorative pillows of various patterns, colors and textures break the colorful equality. They contribute to the development of style features. The same principle applies to the fashion world.
Working part of the space in an eclectic style of decoration
This kind of ambience can fit into the working part of the space where it is important to follow the neutrality of white wood decor. Make the computer desk white. It is important that it does not disturb the characteristics of the eclectic style, does not take up too much space and has a functional role in the ambience. Interior designers would suggest a black office chair because it would be design-balanced between retro and modern style of decoration. Eclectic style has its fans, and proponents like all other styles.
The eclectic style is definitely one of the prominent contemporary styles. It gives more freedom in creating life, lifestyle and living space. It gives people the opportunity to emphasize their personality in a way that suits people best.


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