Everyday life should be more meaningful and simple (face and body care during a pandemic) -PART II

  1. A new category of preventive and safe beauty-people have become more aware that the body is primarily a human refuge and a source of strength due to the pandemic present everywhere in the world. This is how a new category of preventive and safe beauty is being developed, says Mintel (one of the world’s largest consumer trend research agencies). Now the most important thing is that it contributes to maintaining good health and that it is as simple and efficient as possible. So people will instantly re-set and re-energize despite the daily confusion, tension and hustle and bustle. There is currently a health and environmental crisis in the world (which is ultimately the same), the need for relief has brought a new understanding of the principle of “less is more”. It is clearer than ever before that there is no point in accumulating and constantly changing cosmetic products than such products should be used sparingly. Products of proven quality and effectiveness should be selected. http://www.mintel.com
  2. Minimalism is again “IN” – the popular term “clear beauty” in the new reality has gained new proportions. “Clear beauty” originally started as a trend of natural care. “Clear beauty” also refers to products that do not belong to the category of natural cosmetics, but are maximally cleansed of ingredients that irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. In dermo-cosmetic product lines, clean and high-tech minimalist formulas are common in this regard. Pharmaceutical quality standards have become crucial in the new age of preventive and safe beauty. Many people also accept “laboratory care” if it guarantees high tolerability and durability of products that are also harmless to the environment.
  3. More brightness and less makeup in the time of the pandemic, the main preoccupation is products intended to revive the complexion fresh and radiant. As many people work online today and many people go out less, the need for makeup has decreased. The natural look is beginning to be appreciated more. The most popular cosmetic ingredients are vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, ceramides and squalane. These are the key substances for skin’s firmness, firmness and suppleness. People try to keep their skin radiant in a busy and stressful everyday life. Therefore, fast-acting and long-acting cosmetics that can accompany dynamic living in unpredictable circumstances from morning to night are very popular. The new all-in-one formulas simultaneously protect the skin, revitalize the skin, reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles and dark circles, and alleviate irritation and redness. The products are easy to apply due to their light and fast-absorbing ingredients (transparent gel-creams, serums and foams for the face and body).
  4. Today, the face is covered with protection masks – since people put virus protection masks on their faces during a pandemic, the facial skin is more unruly and sensitive. Today’s cosmetics make all-day care easier for such a person. Moisture accumulates under the mask, friction of the skin between the fabric and the face occurs, which can cause discomfort and irritation. You should choose a mask made of natural, preferably smooth and soft material. Rough material, on the other hand, sticks to the skin and causes irritation. Reusable masks should be washed regularly. Disposable face masks should be changed frequently because hygiene is very important in a pandemic. The pandemic protection mask is not intended to protect against wind and heat / cold. That is why the face and lips should be cared for with products that contain high-quality formulas (moisturizing ingredients and lipids). Lipids contained in facial and lip care products are fats necessary to build the outer protective layer of the skin (hydrolipid barrier). That is why many care products are enriched with natural oils, butter and wax during colder days.
  5. Hand care during a pandemic is more than challenging. Hands should be washed regularly with soap and adequate and frequent disinfection should be performed, which is key to preventing the spread of viruses and other harmful microbes. Hands should also be regularly and intensively nourished / cared for due to frequent washing and disinfection resulting in redness, burning and slight dehydration of the skin on the hands. Use very mild soaps and disinfectants. Wear protective gloves whenever you can. Use hand cream often. Before going to bed, put hand cream or revitalizing mask on your hands because the skin regenerates more intensively during the night than during the day. Advice from a dermatologist is advisable if you have any disagreements or skin problems. Inflammatory processes, open wounds on the skin and hands or cracks should be healed because they are an “open path” for the penetration of bacteria and other microbes into the human body.
  6. Strengthening of the so-called “hands-free” trend in the world – due to hygiene recommendations during the pandemic, this trend has strengthened. The “hands-free” trend means directly avoiding handling, touching the face with your hands or applying cosmetics with your fingers. Therefore, the most desirable cosmetic products are sprays, products with small pumps and applicators, and products with accessories (spatulas, small and large brushes, sponges, etc.). The hygiene of these products is also important. The latest hit on the internet are various means and mini devices for cleaning cosmetic accessories. The so-called non-cosmetic facial care with popular semi-precious stone massagers fits perfectly into the hands-free. Semi-precious stones are best known for their harmonizing effect (for example, amethyst, jade, rose quartz, etc.). Facial cleansing and massage devices are very practical. The most popular facial cleansing and massage devices are the so-called waterproof silicone devices that are easy to clean and maintain. http://www.halio-sonic.com
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