Inhalation and sauna with steaming for the face at home

Uses and benefits of inhalation with steam in the home:
Steam inhalations are most often recommended for people who have breathing problems. They relieve shortness of breath, nasal congestion, colds and sore throats. Steam inhalations are great for relaxation. They relieve headaches. Steam promotes sweating. The steam relieves coughing and expelling secretions from the nose. The steam also moisturizes the irritated mucous membranes of the nose and throat.
Inhalation with home-made steaming:
Drop a certain essential oil or a drop of a mixture of essential oils into a pot of hot water. Put your head over the bowl. Cover yourself with a towel. The water should not be too hot so as not to burn. Inhale for five minutes. Add a drop of essential oil to the bowl / pot again every minute. Different essential oils can be used for certain ailments and conditions. Mint, tea tree or eucalyptus oil is a good choice for people who otherwise have breathing problems. Chamomile or lavender oil is a good choice for headaches. Chamomile, lavender or lemongrass oil are used for relaxation. In addition to essential oils, you can put teas (for example, chamomile tea) in steam inhalation water. It is recommended that inhalation be performed 2-3 times a day to treat colds and sore throats.
Use and benefits of home facial sauna:
The facial sauna is used for steaming faces. This opens and cleans the pores on the face. This procedure cleanses the skin, making it softer and generally rejuvenating the face. It is used for natural care and treatment of problematic skin. Relieves acne. It disinfects problematic skin and provides the necessary moisture. It is performed as an inhalation described in the previous step. Do a facial sauna once a week with quality essential oils.
Home-made facial sauna:
5-7 drops of a certain type of oil are enough. Drizzle the oil into a bowl. Cover your head with a towel. Lean over the bowl. Wait for the essential oils to start working. The water should not be too hot. Mating faces spend 5-10 minutes. The essential oil of chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, anise or fennel is excellent for oily facial skin.
Essential oil of fennel, rosemary, mint or comfrey macerate helps with dry facial skin. After the facial steaming procedure, it is necessary to wash the face with plain water. Then put a regular / regular face mask on your face. The steam cleanses and prepares the skin for better absorption of facial care products.
Experts do not recommend a facial sauna for people who have pronounced capillaries on the face or a tendency to irritation / redness of the face.

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