A facial sauna is a useful device for a certain type of facial skin. If the facial skin is oily and mixed with blackheads, a suitable mask for oily / combination skin works much better. Then a device like this is a good idea. There are differences when a (good and appropriate) mask is applied to the skin prepared in this way and when it is applied only after washing.
You can do a facial sauna with ordinary dishes and tea (or using a cosmetic thermal face mask). A facial sauna is a good investment for people who want to inhale their face and use the device regularly. Then buying a sauna is a worthwhile purchase. It is necessary to compare the price of the device and assess the personal need to use the device. Only then should you decide to buy a sauna (or use an ordinary pot and tea). For people who want to mate their face only from time to time it is not profitable to buy this device.

Frequent mating of the face is not recommended for people who have couperosis or a tendency to burst capillaries on the face, people with thin skin, people with pronounced capillaries on the face. Take care if you have any changes on your face. Because the device can spread rashes, herpes and the like. Consultation with a dermatologist is recommended. These people can use various essential oils or teas etc. Facial mating can be done at home. A good effect is achieved by using a pot and tea.
The general conclusion is that this device is a great device.



Use requires less preparation time than when steaming the face is prepared in a pot.


The usual way to use most mechanical steaming devices looks like this:
Pour 30-50 ml of plain water into a bowl. After 2-3 minutes, the steam starts to come out of the appliance. If some oils are added, a smaller amount is needed than when the oils are poured into the pot, which is a plus. You do not need to put a towel over your head. It is advisable to use the facial sauna once a week (because it opens the pores and moisturizes the face). Smokers may feel discomfort in the lungs when using the device. Therefore, the device should be used with caution and follow the instructions and skin behavior after use.
A 2-1 facial sauna inhaler is also a good choice. Clean face. It is an excellent device for inhaling and cleaning the nasal passages. It is much simpler and faster than at home. It should not be used more than 1x a week as it opens the pores. But if your nose is often stuffy, or you have an allergy and water is constantly leaking from your nose – the device is great. It doesn’t need a lot of water. It is possible to add a few drops of essential oil or some herbal tea depending on the skin type. The device is not expensive and is very practical.
By the way, using a facial sauna is a kind of shock to the skin. Too cold and too hot / hot water is not recommended (especially not steam at 100 degrees). The device creates a sound that can create a feeling of discomfort on first use or until the user gets used to it. The device massages the face nicely and serves a purpose.


Opens and cleanses pores
– With attachments for the nose and face which both contain a diffuser for use with herbs and aromatherapy oils
– With 2 power settings and adjustable steam outlet as well as automatic shut-off when water reservoir is depleted
– 3 year manufacturer’s warranty


Facial sauna is great device/replacement instead of facial steam baths. Specially for people that very often do steam baths. Usually this device contains a face and a nose mask and a little attachment for herbs, tea (for example chamomile tea or essential oils such as primavera’s “eukawohl” oil (on a cotton pad).


However the device for the treatment/evaporation is suitable for regular use and lasting improvement in the skin rather. Device is mostly recommended and many people will feel much more comfortable in their skin, since they could use the facial sauna once a week (as recommended).Great device, does what it promises. Is very simple and very effective full. The price is very good and the device is once again recommended by most of users.




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