The original hats and headgear had a protective function-Part II

The 1960s-hat popularity continues to decline. Jackie Keneddy wearing hats, however, has the effect of slightly increasing interest in fashion hats. The fashion events of that time were directed towards the younger generations. Hats are becoming a part of the past and the trend of wearing a hat on a daily basis is disappearing. Until the 1960s, the hat was an almost mandatory item of clothing for both sexes. From this period hats are worn less frequently. They are most often present in more elegant clothing combinations or as protection from the weather. Then the fashion of wearing an airy wide-brimmed hat was celebrated by the always elegant Audrey Hepburn. Actress Audrey Hepburn in the famous TV movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1965) skillfully wore various variations of hats that were then more than exhibitionist. The timeless and elegant wide-brimmed hat “Audrey” was named after the icon of elegance and style Audrey Hepburn. The “Audrey” hat, like the actress, combines sophistication and boyish charm. It can be combined with jeans and a little black dress. A special accessory are sewn-on ribbons that you can tuck into a hat or tie around your head if you wish, so that the hat stays on your head during windy weather. This kind of hat is maintained with a brush. Usually, the size of the hat is “One Size”, which means that it fits on any head. The hat also provides 50+ UV protection from the sun. Holly Golihtly’s timeless wardrobe could be appropriated by any woman. A massive hat with a satin ribbon is just one of the many signature fashion details in the film that make a classic outfit completely original. Jeanne Moreau and her movie “Viva Maria!” is also famous by hats (1965). The two Marys performed by Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot have crazy outfits and even crazier accessoire in this film set in a circus in Central America at the very beginning of the twentieth century. Straw hats are perhaps the most tame style move in the entire film.

The 1970s became popular with large and unusual XXL-sized floral hats with the advent of the Hippy movement and children’s flowers. The brims on the hats are relaxed and wavy. Hats are made from various prints and colors.
The 1980s hats almost disappeared from fashion events until the 1980s. The feature of fashion expression for this period were bright neon colors. This was reflected in hats and headgear. Hats with smaller brims were made, which were usually curled above the forehead. Straw hats with decorative ribbons were characteristic of this time period. Catherine Deneuve in the film “Je vous aime” (1980) plays Alice. In a move that is so surreal that it seems like an almost good idea, Alice invites all four men she loved to dinner at the same time, on New Year’s Eve. A series of memories of past times is set in motion. One of the bygone times also has this fantastic, classic variegated straw hat with messy edges for a relaxed country feel.
1990-hats are not a necessary part of fashion combinations. Bucket hats and knitted hats and denim hats are becoming popular. The hair processing and compliant hat manufacturing industry experienced a significant boom during the second half of the 19th century in Monza (near Milan), Italy. Numerous manufacturers from Monza have achieved a great reputation. Monza manufacturers have exported their products worldwide. The Borsalino company is famous in the world for the production of hats and headgear. The Borsalino company is located in Alessandria (Italia). Actress Julia Roberts was led to the status of the “it” girl of the 1990s in the film Pretty Woman (1990), in which she starred. Her outfits in the film are a great combination of classic preppy elegance and nineties fashion that has comeback in recent years. Julia’s classic hat goes well with all possible combinations. The strip in the dress pattern is already pro level. Actress Stacey Dash starred in the film Clueless (1995) which sovereignly holds the position of the craziest of 1990s fashion. “Over-the-top” combinations of the protagonists of this cult comedy are extremely desirable. The hat that Dionne wears at the beginning of the film is completely memorable, but it is definitely a styling for fashion braves. The beautiful look that Madonna wears in the biographical film Evita (1997) about Evita Perón is for absolutely light elegance. A soft knitted cobweb hat in a beige shade is an ideal retro detail for city summer walks.

2000- fashionable is street style, comfortable and everyday clothes. Caps were very popular. Actress Audrey Taoutou in the film “Coco avant Chanel” (2009) is a symbol of elegance on several occasions. Young Chanel in her characteristic gamine style wears a light straw hat as an ideal summer variation on the timeless classic. Then the straw hat is replaced by an elegant black dress and pearls.

2020-hats of recent years can be seen on the street and in various fashion editorials. They still have power because they represent a certain fashion expression, and an individual approach to fashion for each individual. There are no rules in wearing a hat. All types of materials for making hats are in circulation and all types of decorations and decorations on hats. Women today choose to wear a hat for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is a supplement to simple styling. A good and quality hat is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, carefully chosen materials and hands that will make it. In recent years, handmade Panamanian or, in layman’s terms, straw hats that originally date back to the 17th century have become popular again. It takes about three days to make one hat. The uniqueness of the handmade makes each hat unique. Many celebrities prove that experimenting with hats is always elegant and fun (Josephine Baker, Jackie Onazis, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth II, Madonna, Lady Gaga and others). Josephine Baker, a legendary entertainer and activist with a top hat and suit, flirted with her male side. The hat is an important piece in the royal wardrobe as well. This is evidenced by the official protocol which mandates the wearing of hats at all major events. Queen Elizabeth II throughout her life she wore about five thousand hats.

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