Three popular autumn plants that are easy to nurture and maintain (Chrysanthemums in the garden)

These three popular varieties of autumn plants. They are relatively easy to maintain. They are available in every flower shop (or flower nursery) and bloom throughout the fall. Due to the long flowering period, these plants will beautify the garden even until the first frost.

Garden chrysanthemums are the real queens of autumn. They grow 30 to 50 centimetres above the ground. That is why they form extremely beautiful and nice bushes. They are resistant to frost. During the winter, it is enough to cover the plants with sawdust, compost or garden soil. They usually bloom from mid-summer until the end of November. The flowers can appear in different colors. Suitable for fertile, slightly moist, warm soil and sunny position.
Heather is very easy to grow. It belongs to the large Heather family, which has more than 500 species. It is an evergreen shrub with small flowers in the shape of bells of different shades. They do not require special care and bloom profusely from September until the first frosts. They can be planted from early spring to late autumn. They like sunny places and light, well-drained soil.
Also known as “Beautiful Catherine”. They appear at the end of August and bloom until November. They are perennial plants that do not require complicated care – so they are often chosen by novice gardeners. They usually grow up to 120-150 centimetres in height.

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