6 tips to prevent the first manifestations of signs of aging (fine wrinkles and dis-pigmentation)

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  1. Consistency in the use of preparations and performing any physical activity – it is known that regular physical activity (walking, brisk walking, exercising at home) gives visible results. 20 minutes to half an hour of regular daily exercise is enough. Short physical training on a weekly basis over a long period of time is very effective. It is never too late to change your physical appearance and improve your skin condition regardless of age. Most dermatologists recommend a combination of external preparations, botox (neurotoxin injections) and laser treatments. Dermatologists say that facial care products should be used daily in accordance with product specifications. For botox it is recommended to be done 2 to 3 times a year. Dermatologists recommend that laser collagen stimulation be done once a year or according to human needs. If these treatments are done on time, a more radical method with a longer recovery time is avoided. The treatments have an epilogue-youthful skin that looks natural.
    2.Specific facial care products with powerful formulas – experts say that SPF (Sun Protection Formula) is the most important facial care product. For outdoor stays, SPF products offer the best protection. The best cosmetic treatments and the highest quality facial care products are not effective enough because the sun’s rays cancel out all the beneficial effects. That is why SPF products are being studied. UV rays in contact with oxygen create harmful and reactive by-products. These by-products circulate through the skin in search of electrons to neutralize. In this process, the by-products create holes in the collagen. Weakened collagen relaxes which causes wrinkles (most often on the forehead and around the eyes). SPF products enable the blocking of free radicals that disrupt the structure of collagen. Antioxidants (vitamin C) neutralize free radicals that penetrate the skin.
    3.Vitamin A and Retinol- An important ingredient for skin care is retinol (apart from vitamin C and SPF products). Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It stimulates the production of collagen, which ensures the optimal thickness of the dermis. Retinol also stimulates cell renewal. This allows the skin to get rid of excess pigment (caused by the skin’s exposure to the sun or due to inflammatory processes on the skin). For people who are new to the introduction of retinol in skin care, an important piece of advice from dermatologists is to start introducing the lowest concentrations of retinol in skin care. During use small amounts of preparations (peas) for several consecutive evenings before using retinol becomes a daily routine. Thus, the skin will get used to the initial redness and dandruff that this derivative can cause.
    4.Using mini-treatments for skin care — previous generations of dermatologists and doctors / skin care specialists were focused on more aggressive technologies. Namely, doctors waited for patients to reach certain years to use radical peels, laser treatments or surgical interventions / procedures. Today, less invasive methods are used to obtain a youthful-looking skin. For example, newer generation lasers are used to promote skin cell regeneration and neuromodulators (botox and radiotherapy) that tighten the skin on the face. If people in the fifth, sixth and seventh decade of life want to care for their skin, less invasive treatments still give results. It is possible, however, that more procedures will be needed for the person. Dermatologists today are first trying to fix skin damage due to the sun using a fractional laser (Fraxel) or a milder version of Clear-Brilliant. With both treatments, skin damage and excess pigment are eliminated. It usually takes 2 to 3 procedures for optimal results. Injection of active substances is one of the most effective methods for eliminating damage and deficiencies and restoring a healthy and youthful appearance.
    5.Botox use – One scientific study says that people looked seven years younger after consistent use of botox treatments (for a period of 9 years) compared to people who had never used botox treatments (neurotoxin injections). This neurotoxin relaxes muscles, flattens wrinkles and improves skin texture. The right and ideal time to start using botox treatment is when a person notices the appearance of moderate wrinkles between the eyebrows, in the outer corners of the eyes and on the forehead. Fine wrinkles due to botox will not deepen and become visible when the face is at rest. A baby dose will suffice if botox is started to be practiced at an earlier age. The baby dose is an injection with approximately 50% of the usual dose of botox. It will be enough to relax the muscles to achieve the lifting effect. The person will be able to move his face freely.
    6.The combination of treatment with radio waves and micrognells is a favorite non-invasive method of removing wrinkles on the face (for example InModeMorpheus). Collagen stretches over time, which causes skin relaxation and the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Heating collagen with radio waves allows re-tightening and shrinkage of collagen. After that, a micro-needle puncture is performed. The healing process is started, which stimulates the production of collagen. One such treatment per year or one treatment every other year is quite sufficient. The dermatologist should otherwise give all the necessary information to the client and suggest/advise an individual program. A dermatologist’s professional approach to a patient means talking about the patient’s priorities, making a good assessment of the patient’s health, creating a personal care plan, and choosing the appropriate treatment for that person. Graduality is crucial. It is not the goal to achieve negative consequences after using the treatment or to go through a long recovery period after more radical methods. The main goal of any cosmetic treatment is not instant results but maintaining a youthful appearance during the aging process.


The Pro-Aging Playbook by dr Paul Jarrod Frank






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