Water with thermal oils is a boon for the immune system


There is an important difference between a short shower and a bath. A short shower brings quick refreshment. Bathing in a bathtub for a minimum of 20 minutes is a pleasant habit that opens up a new dimension. It also allows a break from stressful everyday life and brings many benefits for overall health. In recent years, we have been overwhelmed with instant lifestyle tips to be faster and more efficient during daily activities. Bathing in the bathtub is a special ritual that relaxes the body and spirit.


Water is precious because it gives people the strength to overcome the many challenges of life more easily. Water has beneficial and stimulating effects on the human body and senses. Water with the addition of essential oils and plant extracts is a treasure trove of peace, relaxation and health. Aromatherapy treatment, ie bathing in water with essential oils, gives people pleasant and fragrant vapors. Thus we achieve spiritual and physical balance and thus improve the quality of life.
Oil baths are useful for sophisticated skin care and nutrition. The most sought after are baths with lavender oil, fragrant notes of orange oil, fig, argan oil and protein milk, honey, almond oil, lotus, jasmine with a patented liposome effect found in these ingredients. Liposomes are spherical micro-particles obtained from natural sources. They have the properties of absorbing active ingredients. Bath liposomes (in bathing water) like small transport molecules migrate to the upper layers of the skin. They release active ingredients on the skin. Thus, they give the skin quality and rich care. Bath baths that, in addition to essential oils and herbal ingredients, contain 100% sea salt in combination with water, lead to the regeneration of body and mind. Due to the sea salt in its composition, they have a calming effect on the respiratory, nervous, system, immune system and musculoskeletal system.


5 tips for home wellness or bathing:

  1. Choose a quality and adequate bath product. No harmful chemicals that make the skin velvety and soft. Read the declarations when buying baths with essential oils.
  2. Bathing water should not be too hot or cold but warm. Adjust the temperature in the bathroom.
  3. Bathing in the tub should be about 20 minutes in duration. Turn off all interference (phone, phone notifications, bell, etc.) to prevent sound interference.
  4. Make lemonade with lemon decorated with relaxing mint leaves. Light the candles. Play light and relaxing music of your choice. Turn off the bright lights in the bathroom.
  5. Inhaling the scent of quality natural essential oils from baths and enjoying a 20-minute bath in the bathtub will give a feeling of serenity and relaxation.


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