10 useful tips for better bedroom decoration

http://www.pinterest.com ( Pop Art Bedroom by Carrie A Moore)
  1. Sleeping rooms and bedrooms are locations in the home that should guarantee relaxation and easy and quality sleep. Sometimes it is important that all items and elements in the bedrooms are adapted and harmonized with the needs of the user. Interior experts advise that the user chooses one style or combines different styles of decoration until all the elements become harmonized and mutually harmonized.
  2. Carpet-recommended is the use of carpets with soft memory foam. These rugs gently adjust to the feet. Memory foam also distributes body weight and surface pressure evenly. It all contributes to superior comfort.
  3. Table lamp – is definitely a necessary item for bedrooms. Choose lamps with an unusual and minimalist look. Such lamps are always modern and will fit nicely into any style of decoration.
  4. Walls-modern bedrooms are characterized by mild and rounded lines and neutral or pastel shades of colors on the walls. The walls are most often painted in soothing color tones (sand color, light blue, gray and similar colors). Recessed or night table lamps of simple design are placed next to the bed in straight lines. The headboard makes each bedroom more attractive. Beds can otherwise be purchased / made with or without headboards. If your bed does not have a headboard, then you can make the headboard yourself.
  5. The elements in the bedroom should be in soft colors. A sense of serenity and a relaxing ambiance is achieved by elements in pastel tones. All elements in the bedroom can be in soft and pastel tones (furniture, walls, floors, floor coverings, accessories, etc.). The bedroom decorated in this way looks beautiful without any special decorative details. Unusual lighting and paintings on the walls will further contribute to the attractive appearance of the room.
  6. Pillows of all sizes in bedrooms. Interior designers say that decorating with pillows is the cheapest way to decorate bedrooms. Lots of small pillows is a modern and interesting detail in the room. Or a few larger pillows will look decorative. Unusual patterns in the simply decorated bedroom pillows will be especially pleasing to the eye. Sew pillowcases by hand or with easy-to-use mini-sewing machines.
  1. Bedding should be of good quality which gives a good precondition for a pleasant feeling during the night. It is always recommended to have quality cotton bedding in addition to a good pillow and a quality mattress.
  2. Popular art and optical art (pop art and op art) are design trends with wacky objects, vases, screens, wall clocks, mirrors and other objects. Postmodernism is always relevant. Unusual items easily fit into a space with minimalist furniture and white walls. You get an artistic interior when you add weird items to eye-catching furniture and walls. You get a timeless op art combination (black and white world) if you choose an interior where contrasts are present and not colors.
  3. Exotics are always “IN” -fabrics with oriental motifs, beds made of natural materials (rattan, bamboo or solid wood), and motifs of flowers, leaves and animals. You get a simpler sleeping room with a Japanese futon bed equipped with solid cotton or linen fabrics. This philosophy is relevant for all pieces of furniture (cabinets, chests of drawers, nightstands, benches and chairs). These pieces of furniture should be decorated with inlays, carvings and painted motifs. Decorate this bedroom with travel souvenirs, memories, figures made of ceramics, jade, wood, with painted vases for flowers. Or somewhat simpler and decorative items made of bamboo, stone, ceramics and similar materials.
  4. Universal or “Global look” of the bedroom is achieved by placing pictures and photographs of exotic landscapes or folk artifacts. An interesting detail are objects that depict different cultures (masks, fans, kimonos, tapestries, mosaics, hand-painted silk scarves, or hand-embroidered fabrics and carpets).
http://www.fromatoyou.com (Pop Art Room)

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