Reading books (Abercrombie, Kerouac and DeLillo)

“A Little Hatred” (by Joe Abercrombie) – a novel for people who love action and epic fiction. Abercrombie is a gifted genre writer. He opens a new trilogy of fantastic adventure called “The Age of Madness” trilogy.
“The age of machines has dawned, but the age of magic refuses to die. With the help of the crazy hillbilly Izern-i-Fail, Rike tries to master the blessing – or curse – of the long eye. It is one thing to sometimes foresee the future, but since the first among the magicians is still pulling the strings, the eventual change of the future is something completely different … “
The author of Abercrombie triumphs with this novel and makes a big step forward. A little hatred is a rebellion against a rebellion that manages not to become conventional. It is a story of maturation that deliberately avoids maturity and wisdom. Storytelling that is stylistically influenced by video games, film and television as much as literature. A book that could only have been written in the present moment – a true modern fantasy whose theme is the struggle to escape from the past, is said in one of the reviews of this novel.

“Dharmapummit” (by Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac or Jack Kérouac) is a real refreshment during gloomy days. A new edition of the famous classic Jack Kerouac. When all this is over, we will all benefit from a little wandering around and life, which is a mix of staying in nature, outdoors, and a relaxing Zen experience. What this book offers, a specific ode to freedom and liberation from traditional social restraints.
Kerouac has raised the temperature in American literature and it hasn’t been there since. ”John Updike
“As soon as I discovered Buddhism, I immediately felt that I had lived in a previous life, infinitely many centuries ago, and now, due to mistakes and sins in that world, I have been transferred to this more difficult sphere of existence, while my karma has yet to be born. in America, where no one has any spirit or believes in anything, especially not in freedom. “

Jack Kerouac belonged to the group of American writers to whom the establishment, due to the nature of their works, turned its back, or rather poured out its fist. Official America could not accept Kerouac’s intoxication with the madness of the insane and dissatisfied intellectuals of the 1950s. Traditional literary critics have judged most of Kerouac’s works with a visible dose of reserve, branding him as a criminal who undermines the very foundations of culture or, at best, classifying his prose as journalism. Nevertheless, during his short life, Kerouac managed to write about twenty books of prose and poetry. He became the most famous and controversial author of his time who gave a voice to an entire generation of writers.

“The Silence” (by Don DeLillo) – is the new 18th novel by an American writer, screenwriter and playwright. The author of short stories and essayist Don DeLillo (1936) is widely known to readers.

“I started writing this novel in 2018, long before this pandemic, says DeLilo. I started it with a picture of the empty streets of Manhattan. The idea of silence grew from sentence to sentence and from chapter to chapter.”
The author shows what a world looks like in which all screens are destroyed at once. The world with the loss of the meaning of the existence of digital devices, irretrievably disappears and the meaning of the existence of humanity. of a small number of words. There is a powerful and frightening silence between those words. The silence should be listened to with apprehension and a faint hope that this cruel vision of the greatest prophet among living American writers will remain unfulfilled.


  1. Putting drugs and alcohol aside, I liked Jack Kerouac for his great roadtrips across America, a continent with open roads. On the Road is an engaging read and the story of his writing is very special. I was lucky enough to see the typescript scroll, something every writer dreams of.

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    • Dear Lookoom,

      Great book review and great advice. Thanks a lot for bringing all of us closer to the authors/books. Yes, you’re right since many great names all over the world often having alcohol, drugs, cults, or similar involved in their work/way of living. We can learn from those experiences. Wishing you a very Happy Holidays and all the best. Always.

      Amela Hajdarevic (Sarajevo)

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  2. I found On The Road inspiring enough to want to be a Beatnik writer myself. I also saw the original scroll that became OTR. I haven’t come across the above book and will try to find it…Thanks!


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