3 interesting books to read (Stéphane Audeguy, Patrizia Highsmith and Katherine Center)


The Theory of the Clouds (by Stéphane Audeguy) – the novel is made up of historical facts and fiction – says French critics. French critics described the novel as a sensitive, hypnotic, deeply erotic novel about clouds. The novel is about the roles of fiction and historical facts in shaping human passions, storms and stories.
The main protagonist of the novel “The Theory of the Clouds” is A kira Kumo. Kumo is an eccentric fashion designer who lives and works in Paris. He has important information from his own life. By some miracle, he survived the “cloud-mushroom” of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Kumo is the owner of the largest collection of books and writings on clouds and meteorology in the world. He hires a Virginia Latour librarian to put her on the official catalog. While the young Virginia librarian does the work, Kumo tells her stories of those who dedicated their lives to clouds (an English Quaker who first classified clouds and a painter who became obsessed with capturing clouds on canvas). .This collector brings the story of the rich amateur meteorologist from the end of the 19th century Richard Abercrombie closer. Abercrombie is a photographer who has, perhaps, created the only complete catalog of clouds (in just one copy) that no one has ever seen. Kumo sends Virginia to London to track down the Abercrombie Protocol. It is a quest full of surprises and wonders. During the search, love shapes the lives and destinies of the heroes like clouds.

Bookmarks Magazine wrote a review of the work: An extraordinary first novel! Compared in his native France to Julian Barnes and Kazu Ishiguro, his beautiful poetic prose and charming, melancholic tone won American criticism.



The Deep Water (by Patrizia Highsmith) – is one of the most famous psychological thrillers of the famous Patricia Highsmith. Although first published in 1957, the novel soon became a classic. Since then, it has never disappeared from bookstore shelves. In 1881, a film based on the novel was made in France for the first time. In 2021, a film adaptation with Ben Affleck in the role of Vic Van Allen will be released. Melinda Van Allen is a beautiful and attractive woman. Melinda is also a stubborn young woman. Melinda Vic’s wife Vic to the misfortune of Vic Van Allen. There was still a little love and jealousy left in their marriage. Melinda doesn’t even try to hide her adventures with handsome and successful men. When one of her lovers is killed, Melinda accuses her husband Vic. And then rumors will follow. Reality and fiction are mixed. That drives Vic crazy. It will only be a matter of days before Vic will really bleed his hands.
Patricia Highsmith (1921-1995) is an American writer. In her enviable nearly half-century-long career, Highsmith has written 22 novels and several short stories. Novels and stories have found their way to millions of readers. The author is best known for psychological thrillers. Psychological thriller novels served as the basis for numerous film adaptations. Her debut novel “Strangers on a Train” has been adapted three times. The most famous version is the adaptation directed by the famous Alfred Hitchcock from 1951. It is known for the praised series of novels about the murderer Tom Ripley, the so-called Ripley. She has written numerous often dark short stories that are also satirical or spiced with black humor. Highsmith has won numerous awards and recognition. She died at the age of 74 in February 1995 in Switzerland.

Things You save in a Fire (by Katherine Center) – is a touching novel that teaches the truth and how to find solace where we least expect it. The novel by author Katherine Center is a great novel about emotional healing achieved by accepting one’s own vulnerability and the magic of true forgiveness. Once we realize that power, we change forever and we can finally define what courage means to us. Cassie Hanwell is an unusual woman. As one of the most educated and experienced people in her Texas station, she became a professional for the most complicated fires and for other people’s tragedies. She has achieved almost everything in her business career, while in private she is at an emotional bottom. Hanwell also by no means finds personal happiness. And then overnight she will have to give up her favorite job so she can nurture a sick mother. He will find himself in a small provincial fire station among firefighters who do not want to watch the “lady” on his team – even as capable and smart as Cassie. Only the youngest firefighter doesn’t mind Cassie. You can fall in love with him so easily. But she mustn’t even think about him. Love is for the sluts, not for her. There’s a piece of advice she got from her first captain: don’t fall in love with a firefighter. Cassie feels the determination leave her. That means she risks everything she worked for – the only job she ever loved and where she proved herself heroically. An unimaginable life change will change her forever. The power of love and forgiveness will show her the path to happiness – a path that will be more than thorny.
Katherine Center is the author of four bestsellers from the New York Times list. Her fourth novel “The Lost Husband” recently became a film as well. Starring Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Nora Dunn. Katherine Center has been compared to masters of women’s literature Jane Austen and Nora Ephron because “her stories are true food for the soul”.

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