6 Tips from experienced beauticians for special makeup during festive events and holidays

  1. Gold sequins on the eyelids go well with dramatic lips. It does not take much time to apply. Apply glitter to the eyelids with a flat brush. Choose a lipstick of your choice. Eyelid glitter should be monochromatic to achieve maximum effect. A good idea are always eye shadows in jewel colors (gold tones, emerald or sapphire). The eyes get a glamorous look.
  2. To achieve a glamorous look and use makeup for festive occasions, the knowledge of professional beauticians is not necessary. Follow the basic rules and you will not go wrong. Emphasize eyeliner in the selected eye color. When you want to play with bold and neon color shades then electric blue is a good choice. Depending on personal preferences, you can make the line thin or thick. Apply eyeliner or eyeliner along the lash line all the way to the outer corners. Round off a bolder / more glamorous look with false eyelashes or a few coats of eye mascara.
  3. Lips should be emphasized. Applying lipstick in a bolder shade achieves a more glamorous look to the lips. Then let the rest of the makeup be natural because the emphasis is on dramatic lips. Red lipstick is always a good choice. Find the right shade of red to match your skin color. Pre-shape your lips with a lip liner to make the lipstick last longer.
  4. Eye makeup look that requires minimal effort but gives maximum multi-effect is a good choice for festive events and celebrations. Glossy cream eye shadows and a holographic glow in the inner corner of the eyes will give enough makeup detail. Blend the eye shadow properly and choose the eyeliner color according to your personal taste and wishes. Then draw the line of the lower edge of the eyes to complete the look. It takes a few seconds to apply a metallic eye shadow that has a foil-like finish and will last all evening. First apply the base and then apply the desired eye shadow with your fingers or a small brush.
  5. The color / blush for the cheeks should be in the same shade as the eye shadow. The combination of similar shades on the cheeks, lips and eyes is a sure way for the perfect look of every woman.
  6. Monochrome makeup is always a good choice. Combine eye shadow, cheek blush and lipstick in a combination of the same colors to get a solid color look.



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