Useful and healthy natural products for every home – Part Three

A useful product for every household is first aid kits. Keep the accessories in one place. It can be a small closet or a specially marked box. This way, all adult household members will always know where the first aid kit is in case of need.
Sterile cotton wool-for cleaning wounds.
Sterile cotton gauze-to cover wounds / bruises.
Self-adhesive elastic bandage and safety pins — for immobilizing or tightening joints when stretched.
Bandages — to adhere to sterile gauze
Cloth patches – fixing gauze bandages or holding bandages
Large triangular scarf made of calico cloth – for immobilization of the forearm
Non-stick sterile compresses – for cuts and burns
Self-adhesive patches – for minor cuts and scratches
Eye drops – for rinsing an irritated or infected eye
Sterile bandage (with strips) for the eye — for eye injuries
Tweezers – for removing chips, stings and ticks.
A small home closet with the most necessary medicines
Many foods from the kitchen or pantry can be used to treat simple ailments / illnesses.
Raw garlic- for ear pain, cold hands and feet, bacterial and viral infections, fungal skin infections, urinary tract infections, warts and baby worms.
Onions – for infections of the upper respiratory tract, bloating, insect bites and stings, warts.
Fresh ginger – for problems with digestion, colds, against high temperature, nausea, menstrual cramps, poor circulation (cold hands and feet).
Extra virgin olive oil – for diluting essential oils, for rinsing cerumen (ear ointment) and against ear pain, dermatitis and chapped lips.
Apple cider vinegar – against arthritis, colds, fungal skin diseases, hair problems, indigestion, itching, bites and insect bites.
Lemon – against corns on the legs, indigestion, against fever, infections and sore throats.
Honey – for colds, coughs, allergic rhinitis, warm balm when removing plywood, skin infections and sweetening herbal teas.
Packaging of frozen peas-can be used instead of cold compresses
Salt-stings of insects, inflammation of the gums, cuts, allergic skin reactions.
Carrot-against cough and loss of appetite, to strengthen nails, carrot broth is used against dermatitis and dry / cracked skin when chilled carrot broth is applied to the skin.
Dried figs and plums: for easier digestion and better work of the digestive system.

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